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6 Great Things to Do in Boracay Philippines

Why go to Boracay Philippines?

Located in Aklan, Boracay Philippines is considered as the best beach in the Philippines, and one of the best in Asia. It has been featured by international magazines and rated by some to be the best in the world. Many foreigners who have visited this gem of the Philippines have even decided to make it their home. Its powder white sand, azure waters, friendly locals, and booming industry make it an ideal vacation spot both for those who live in the Philippines and tourists around the world.

It is rich in natural beauty, which you can see all over the island. Many families, groups of friends, and honeymooners have made Boracay their destination of choice and it’s not hard to see why. With over 300 beach resorts to choose from, fitting all kinds of budgets, restaurants to soothe anyone’s palate with the best of local and international cuisine, and many activities to keep you entertained throughout your entire stay, there is something for everyone. Unless of course you would just like to take in the moment and lie down on its fine sand and soak up some sun while sipping their famed shakes and enjoying a beach front massage.

Don’t leave the island without…

Over the years, Boracay has made itself to be known for many things. From food to little destinations around the island, there are many things you have to try before leaving. Everyone’s experience in the island is unique, but there are just some things you can’t leave without doing, things that will maximize the whole experience. Here are some of the reasons why Boracay is so popular, don’t miss out on them during your stay:

  1. Rent a sailboat, also known as the Paraw, and take a sunset sailing trip around the island. Of course you can enjoy this activity any time of day, but Boracay has also been made famous for its unforgettable sunsets. And what better way to enjoy the sunset than by watching it from the best points around the island?

Simply look for Captain Joey, a local, who lives in the White Beach area. He knows the best parts around the island for you to enjoy a magnificent sunset, and can also prepare a delicious meal for the tourists.

  1. Island hopping. There are many wonderful islands surrounding Boracay, and you spend one entire day visiting them, such as Puka Beach. You can choose from various itineraries for your island hopping experience. Bring some snorkeling gear, as sometimes these boats can stop in the middle of a perfect spot in the ocean for snorkeling and even diving.
  1. Get a massage by the beach. Boracay is also famed for its talented masseuse located throughout the island; they can give you a relaxing massage under the shade of a coconut tree, in your hotel room, or even right under the sun. The massages are very affordable as well.
  1. There are many things to buy as well in Boracay ’ D’Mall. Complete with anything you will need to supplement your stay, to buy something for people back home, or to sample local crafts, the Boracay shopping experience has something for everyone.
  1. For many people, Boracay has become a gastronomic destination. There are so many great restaurants to choose from, but here are some that you should try: Real Coffee’s sandwiches, True Foods’ Indian cuisine, Aria’s Italian food, Cyma’s Greek delicacies, the buffet at Sea Wind, and let’s not forget the local specialties: Choriburger, or chorizo burger, which is easy to find by the beach.
  1. Cool down with the famous shakes in the island. Some of the best are from Jonah’s and Jony’s, with countless flavors, from fruits to sweet chocolate shakes. Enjoy the shakes while lounging under the sun, or while strolling around the island.

The Boracay Philippines experience is one you will truly enjoy, whether you visit with loved ones, or even decides to come alone and make new friends as you go along. It is also popular for its nightlife, for those who enjoy the night scene as well. Overall it has the best of all elements to make a visit for anyone unforgettable.


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