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The Bustling Activities At Boracay Island

Article written by Evelyn De Matias

The bustling activities at Boracay Island get you into the action to have fun under the sun. It is worth spending a vacation in the tropical island of Boracay because of its unlimited beach activities and several bars and discos to spend the entire night for a fun quality entertainment.

Boracay Island is a 7 kilometer stretch of white sands with its main beach located at the White Beach. The White Beach is divided into stations as station 1, station 2 and station 3. You can mostly find cheaper hotels and resorts at Station 3. It is also where the Talipapa market is located where you can find several island souvenirs at great bargain prices.

I love collecting accessories and there is no moment going to Boracay that I miss having a shopping spree at the Talipapa market. With its best sale prices you get quality products to shop for. For a practical shopper a visit at the Talipapa market will make you enjoy buying island souvenir items such as bracelets, bangles and earrings made from shells and pearls from prices ranging between Php 10.00 to 250.00.

You can also enjoy shopping for native bags, souvenir shirts, shorts, beach wear, swimming gears and many other novelty items at a lower price. You can even ask for a discount from their very accommodating store owners and their side kicks who always give warm greeting and smiling faces.

When you are done shopping you can walk along the beach shores where you can find several people enjoying a beach volleyball and water games. You can get a tan while enjoying the cool breeze of Boracay air or you can simply linger around and stay under the comfort of the palm tree shades while watching the calm waters and paragliding, jetskiing and skim boarding activities from far afar the shore, the passing banana boat rides with riders hollering with glee as they enjoy a fun boat ride.

You can also have an extreme jetski ride experience for a price between Php 1,500 to 3,000 for few hours of riding the jetski. Water sports are numerous in Boracay and are famous outdoor activities for beach vacationers. You have extensive beach activity choices from Frisbee games, beach volleyball, jet skiing, paragliding, skim boarding, boating, sailing, banana boat ride and the list just go on.

You can hire a boar at a price of Php 500 to Php 1,500 for an island hopping adventure where you can go swimming in other islands such as the famous crocodile island which offers a great opportunity for snorkeling.

My favorite place to go in order to quench my thirst after a long leisure walk along the white beach is Jonas. They are known for their thirst quenching shakes that come in variety of flavors. Located at Station 1 even guests from the other side of the beach at Station 3 walk their way along the beach stretch to go to Jonas.

The thirst quenching Chocolate shake of Jonas
(chocolate is my kid’s favorite shake flavor)

If you are getting tired from walking to and from each end of the beach many tricycles are available from the main road of the island to transport you that usually costs you a minimum of Php 10 for each ride. It is always a delightful experience to reach each end of the island walking along the warm sands at the seashore though.

Waiting for our shakes at Jonas after a long beach walk

The commercial district of Boracay is centered at Station 2 where D'mall is located. D'Mall is the shopping center of Boracay where you can find extravagant boutiques and exquisite restaurants of various specialties.

Although exquisite restos are located at the mall you can also have good choices of local restaurants inside the mall where you get to enjoy Filipino foods. You can always enjoy the food, the warm ambience, fun beach activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay at Boracay Island.


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