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Bantayan island Philippines as Your Semi-Secret Spot Down South

Down south, Bantayan Island Philippines is getting a lot of attention nowadays.

Geography of Bantayan Island

Geographically this can be seen at the western portion of the northern tip of the Cebu Island and politically this island is part of the province of Cebu. This is just a small municipality with three municipalities;

. Bantayan

. Madridejos

. Santa Fe

These are the three municipalities of the Bantayan Island Philippines and as of the 2000 census, the island plays host to around 120,101 people. The island is considered by many as a tropical paradise this side of the Philippines. The beaches of the islands are known for the fine white sand beaches and the beaches of the islands are known too for the crystal clear and blue waters. The island is postcard pretty semi-secret island and still largely un-developed. Most of its natural wonders are focused on the beaches, which are considered as one of the best in then regions if not in the country. Corporate and big hotels are just starting to notice and there are a few large hotels in the area.

For the visitors of the island, they can expect cottages and rooms that are priced from $5USD to $40 USD per night and the cost of the rooms and the cottages can get as high as $100++ for the area in the South Sea studio villa and if visitors may want to pamper themselves then the honeymoon styled villa on a gorgeous property will be the choice and rooms and cottages here may go up to $240 USD. Simply put, the island has something for everyone with differing budget.

When people talk about the Bantayan Island, then the talk will surely center on the island's beaches. It is in Santa Fe where the visitors and the tourists can find what they want in beaches. Beaches here are known for their gorgeous white sand and the crystal clear waters that cannot be found in mainland Cebu. The hotels and the resorts in the area of Santa Fe have their own set of beaches and these hotels and resorts are situated close to one another. It is in Santa Fe where visitors can find the biggest and the best beaches of the island. Visitors can check out the southern area of the town where most of the beaches and resorts are located.

The island is also known as the 'egg basket' in the region since the egg industry in the island is big. The island is generating half a million eggs a day in order to supply the growing demands for this product in mainland Cebu, Negros, Panay and as far as Leyte. The island is relatively a Christian country; and a testament to this fact is the presence of the oldest church of Visayas and Mindanao. The church is 405 year old and the island is also home to one-and-a-half century home of Anun Escario.

Visitors can also expect to see the Ogtong Cave in the island and the rest of the ancient caves in the area that was made as a fort by the Spanish forces. Bantayan Island is not only a place for relaxation, but this is also a place for religious activities. People from Cebu and Metro Manila take a trek to the island to witness the holy week procession in the area and also to witness some of the most solemn practice of faith. For this reason, cottage prices tend to go up during Holy Week.

Bantayan Island Philippines is also known for its remarkable dialect mixture and some of the dialects in the area include;

. Ilonggo

. Waray

. Cebuano, which is a bit different to the Cebuano-speaking people from Cebu

Food is one of the things that help the island stand out from the rest as well. Food items that make the island proud include dried fish and squid.

The island also serves Filipino, Thai, Japanese and European menus. And of course, the seafood in the area is must-try. Other than fishing, the people of the Bantayan Island Philippines are known in the business of rock phosphate and limestone mining.





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