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Explore The Beauty Of Bohol Island

Bohol Island is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is the Philippine's tenth largest island with a land area of 3,269 km and 261 km coastline.

There are about 70 smaller islands surrounding the main island of Bohol and the largest of which is a tourist attraction itself, the Panglao Island.

Bohol's terrain is one of rolling hills and limestone covers about half of the entire island. There are low mountain ranges on the outer area of Bohol while its interior is composed mostly of plateaus and irregular forms of lands.

Bohol Island Wonderful Sceneries

The Caves

The Bohol island is a blueprint of spelunking adventure in the country. This is because of the abundant caves, about thousands of them located in the island of Bohol. The biggest cave is located at the eastern part of the island. The locals believe there are more caves that remain undiscovered up to this time and unexplored.

There are notable caves in Bohol and one is the Francisco Dagohoy Cave. It is located at the town of Danao which has a historical background being the headquarters of a patriot of Bohol named Dagohoy who raised rebellion against the Spanish rule. At Panglao Island is the Hinagdanan Cave which is the most visited cave in Bohol due to its accessible location. There is an underground pond inside the cave where visitors and locals can swim. Stalactites and stalagmites form the ceiling of the cave.

Bingag Cave is another cave in Panglao with narrow passages that vary in sizes. The entrance passage only allows one person at a time to enter the cave. This is a famous cave for excursionists. Along the town of Antequera is Buhong Tiawan Cave where one can reach it by at least a kilometer walk along the vegetative terrain. Another cave at least two kilometers farther from Anteguera is the Hagakgak Cave famous for rare albino crabs and fishes. The largest cave in the Visayas region, the Sudlon cave is located in a scenic mountainous area of Bohol Island. Bats dwell in the cave.

The Chocolate Hills

Mounds of chocolate like hills are located in Carmen, Bohol which is the major attraction of the island drawing thousands of tourists visiting the Chocolate Hills each year. These are 1,200 cone shaped limestone hills with brown grass growing on the landscape giving a chocolate mound impression especially during the summer. Chocolate Hills is one the Philippine's natural wonders.

Beaches and Diving Spots

Bohol beaches are also famous for its pristine waters and white sand. Along the south of Panglao is the famous 800 kilometer stretch of white sand Aloha Beach. Other notable beaches in the island are Bolod beach, Doljo beach, Bagobo, beach, Danao beach and many other unexplored beaches located at the islets around the island.

Panglao Island is prestige for its diving locations and is one of the top ten diving sites in the globe. The island is dotted with numerous resorts and diving centers that cater to international and local divers that frequent a visit in Bohol.

The Pamilacan Island of Bohol is a favorite route among whales and dolphins. Mammals like sperm whales and dolphin species are frequently sighted on the area. Bohol is also a sanctuary for the Philippines Tarsier which is the smallest primate in the world. The Loboc River is also famous among tourists visiting the island while there are numerous waterfalls and springs to admire.

The Island of Bohol is one endowed with the beauty of nature and historical landmarks such as the Blood Compact Site and heritage churches such as the Baclayon Church. This gives Bohol Island a trademark for being one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. .


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