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Bohol Map Guiding Tourist Around The Bohol Province

Tourists need to understand their way around the Province of Bohol and a Bohol map can help them find their way around the island.

A travel to Bohol is one of the famous itineraries among tourists. It is because Bohol has a lot of natural beauties to boast that attract both foreign and local tourists to visit the island.

Geographical Location

About 700 kilometers south to Manila is Bohol Island. It is located just about 70 kilometers southeast from Mactan Island. The land area of the island is 4117.3 square kilometers and the Bohol is Philippine's 10th largest island. Located at the Visayas region, it is surrounded by many islets on different sides. These islets shield Bohol from typhoons in the region including against heavy rain. The Bohol Sea separates Bohol from Mindanao in the South and by the Island of Leyte from the east.

The climate in Bohol is one that is without maximum rain period and without dry season. Along the coast is warm and dry while the interior climate within the island is cold and humid. There are few typhoons occurring in Bohol due to its location and maximum precipitation usually occurs starting June until October. The annual temperature on the average is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Going to Bohol

There are two main transportations available when going to Bohol. One can reach the island by air transport through the Tagbilaran airport at the north-east side of Bohol. The airport is located about 2 kilometers away from the central commercial district of Tagbilaran City (Bohol capital city).

Domestic flights are available from Bohol to Manila or Bohol to Cebu. Direct flights are available from Manila to Tagbilaran. The main transportation from Cebu to Bohol is through a fast craft that wade through the 20 mile Bohol Strait for about an hour and a half travel time to reach the Tagbilaran port. But there are also domestic flights that can take one from Cebu toTagbilaran.

It is also possible to use sea transportation through fast boats with daily travel schedules of to and from Cebu and Tagbilaran. There is also an available travel schedule via super ferry from Manila to Tagbilaran twice a week. Ferries are also available from Mindanao to Jagna in Bohol, Butuan and Cagayan de Oro. One can get to Negros by catching a boat from Tagbilaran going to Dumaguete.

Popular Bohol Islands

The Island of Bohol is popular for its cultural heritage, beaches and tourist spots that are strategically scattered in various regions of the entire island. Panglao Island in Bohol is famous for its beautiful beaches, white sands and blue waters. The terrain in this area is one from plain, hilly and mountainous area. Maribojoc Limestone makes up the island which is the youngest among the limestone units in Bohol Province.

Among the common tourists spots in this area are the Hinagdanan Cave at Bingag, Duis featuring an underground water source.

South west to Panglao Island is the famous Alona beach which is Bohol's pride. It is lined with numerous Bohol resorts that cater to different visiting tourists in Bohol who intend to enjoy a marvelous beach vacation in Alona Beach. The beach is one lined with coconut trees that give vacationers a tropical island vacation.

Balicasag Island is a low flat island of Bohol located about 4 kilometers southwest of Dulio point from the Panglao Reef. This island is fringed with a narrow reef shelf and surrounded with a sandy shell coralline beach. This is an area in Bohol famous for its diving sites.

Mapping the Tourist Attractions in Bohol

Just 55 kilometers from Tagbilaran City is Carmen where the famous Chocolate Hills is located. Three kilometers from Tagbilaran City is the town of Dauis where the Dauis Church is located which is one of Bohol's beautiful churches made of Spanish architecture. At the town of Baclayon is the Baclayon Church, Bohol's oldest stone church. At Barangay Bool in Tagbilaran lies the marker of the Blood Compact.

More historical places and sights that are tourist attractions are found in Bohol and a Bohol map will help you identify which places to visit once you are in the Island.




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