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Enjoy An Extraordinary Bohol Tour Experience

What makes a Bohol tour special is the extraordinary fun and exciting experience of traveling to an island full of diverse historical, cultural, and heritage sites to visit with many other land and water adventures to enjoy in a Bohol vacation.

The Different Types of Bohol Tours

Countryside Tour

Most resorts offer a countryside tour that includes a land tour throughout the island of Bohol with various destinations such as the Chocolate Hills which is located at Carmen, Bohol. Tourists will enjoy watching the marvelous work of nature of creating one thousand two hundred sixty eight uniform shaped hilly cones that look like chocolates at a glance especially during summer when the bright sunlight highlights the color of the hills. This work of nature makes it one of the world's wonders.

The other stop for this tour is a visit to the blood compact site at Tagbilaran City. One will see the marker where the blood compact or sandugo agreement took place between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

This reflects the friendly relations fostered by Spain and the Philippines. This marker is the site that shows where the First Treaty and First Seed of the United Nations bonded the white and brown race.

A visit to the Baclayon Church at the town of Baclayon will show you one of the oldest stoned churches in the Philippines. It consists of a museum that shows artifacts dated 16th century ago. A Tarsier sanctuary is located in Loboc and tourists will drop by to see the smallest monkey species in the whole world. Bohol is the place where most of these primates inhabit and they are considered to be endangered species.

A man-made forest is found in Loboc-Bilar, which created a cool atmosphere and an awesome view to the people passing the road going to the Chocolate Hills. The road is lined with thousands of mahogany trees which the people planted to create a forest atmosphere. It is one of the fascinating views to see in Bohol and almost everyone passing by the road will look at the tall trees in awe.

The tour also includes a trip to the Loboc River commonly called the Loboc River Cruise. The river is located in Loay-Loboc and one can enjoy the panoramic views of the plantation of Nipa palm lining the Loboc-Loay River. Guests are often entertained looking at the ducks swimming on the river. Guests will have a festive lunch on board during the cruise.

Country Tour Package Rates

The rate for this Bohol tour will depend on the accommodation that the guests will choose. Tour package usually starts at Php 3,500 and above. A car service is available for up to three persons and a van will be the service for four to ten persons joining the tour.

Ocean Tour

The ocean tour involves dolphin and whale watching activities. This type of Bohol tour can be either on Pamilacan Island or at the Balicasan Island. The trip will usually consist of a boat service accompanied by a spotter. At Pamilacan Island guests can have the opportunity to spot dolphins and occasionally some Sperm and Bryde's Whales too.

Whales are commonly visible in the area during March, April, May and June. The experience of spotting these majestic creatures is indeed an extraordinary and memorable experience.

The tour provides the tourists the option to swim and snorkel if they like. The tour usually begins at 5:30 in the morning as a wake up call breakfast. By 6:00 am the group will depart to go the area where dolphins like to play and show themselves. The tourists will also get the chance to have a village tour to the Pamilacan Island and they can proceed to enjoy the cool waters of the beach to swim or to snorkel.

Ocean Tour Package Rates

Tourists can enjoy the ocean adventure tour at rates that begin at Php 3,200 for two persons. The rate is at Php 12,000 for 10 persons.

The more there are joining on the trip the more fun the different types of Bohol tour become.




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