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Explore Boracay Dive Sites

Explore Boracay dive sites and experience the underwater wonders of the number one tourist destination in the Philippines. Boracay is known not only for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. It is not only known for the world class cuisines served by Boracay resorts and hotels specked with world class accommodations and its outdoor and indoor activities. Boracay is also known for its breathtaking sceneries both on land or underwater.

Exploring underwater sceneries is like discovering a paradise on your own. It is like discovering something spectacular that makes you feel like you are in heaven. The hotels and resorts staff will be happy to arrange a diving schedule for you or even a diving course for those who want to explore the underwater Boracay.

Diving facilities are available as you explore different diving sites. Angol Point is an ideal dive site for those who are just starting to learn how to dive. You start at 5 meters deep and go as deep as 12 meters. Sea stars, sea cucumbers, stony corals, leather corals, nudibranchs and anemones cover the coral reef. It is the best site for night dive and for large scale photography and for snorkelling as well.

Balinghai dive site starts at a beginning depth of 8 meters and can go as deep as 40 meters. Balinghai has the deep and shallow walls that run parallel to each other. You will able to see the sharks and tuna in the deep wall and the blemished, small holes feature house anthias, lionfish, triggerfish, bannerfish, puffers and gobies.

Apart from the nocturnal creatures that you find here, Bat Cave is also one of the best dive sites in Boracay. Weather condition should be good enough to have your way to its underwater beauty. You can go up to 6 meters deep and witness the underwater creatures such as lobsters and sea snakes.

Beach Night Dive, with a maximum depth of 5 meters, a sandy area patched with sea grass and hard corals is best for a sharp-eyed diver. Flounders, crabs, nudibranchs, squids and pipefish may surprise you.

Camia dive site, where you can go as far as 30 meters deep, is considered to be Boracay's house spoiler. An intentionally sank 30 meter-long boat is under to serve as an attraction device for fish. It successfully turned out to be an artificial reef. Inhabitants now include some bluefin trevallies, scorpion fish, huge red bass and a school of batfish.

This Boracay dive site gives the divers a pleasure ride through canyons and crevices because of the strong tidal currents through its strait. Chanel Drift will show you impressive coral and you get the rare chance to see white tip sharks and trevallies after you reach the maximum 35 meters depth.

If you want Boracay dive sites that is right before the main beach and has a calm condition try to dive in Coral Garden, a popular fish-feeding area. You will get to see sergeant majors, butterfly fish and bat fish swimming around.

A small desolate island that looks like a crocodile head has caves with a wide assortment of fish. Currents in Crocodile Island can be furious but this is where collection of beautiful corals is found.

Laguna De Boracay, located at the backside of Boracay has a great diversity of feather stars, butterflyfish, clams, anemones, lionfish and sea squirts. Laurel Island on the other hand is divided into Big and Small Laurels which are both dive sites. At Big Laurel you have to swim through a tunnel filled with soft corals and nudibranchs. Both Laurels have healthy corals and ingenious fish life.

Friday's Rock is a famous fish-feeding dive site. The large stones in this dive site offer the divers the chance to take close-up shots of different underwater creatures such as emperors, triggerfish, red bass, scorpion fish and the famous surgeons. If you want to take a glance to different moray eels, lionfish, groupers and triggerfish, Punta Bunga dive site is where these creatures resides.

Boracay dive can be a once in a lifetime experience. Grab your gear and enjoy exploring Boracay dive sites.


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