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The Best Boracay Resorts In Boracay

Article written by Evelyn De Matias

Boracay Resorts to Stay

It will be a vacation dream came true when you go to a tropical island so heavenly you find the best in everything with the best comfort and relaxing avenue for an island vacation in paradise.

My family is fond of going there twice a year mostly during summer and school break.

My kids love to plunge into the cool, crystal blue waters of the Island while I and my hubby indulge in a relaxing massage along the beach sands. Masseurs are available almost everywhere along the White Beach offering you a fantastic massage or reflexology at only Php P300.00.

Take a day off from stress and you feel rejuvenated by the massage given to you by the masseurs who can be chatty and very entertaining.

You can opt to get your relaxing massage inside a hut or their massage center or you can have it along the beach shores under a palm tree to get an extra enjoyment of the cool Boracay breeze.

Many misconstrued that a Boracay vacation can be very expensive. For someone who is basically a regular visitor of the Island you can always find several Boracay hotels and resorts that offer reasonable price.

Basically the price rate will be according to the kind of accommodation you prefer.

Boracay resorts first class accommodation will always give you a luxurious experience. Boracay resorts with pools and special amenities come at a higher rate. We always choose to stay in resorts with pools since my kids are like swimming piranhas but not all resorts with pools can be very expensive if you know how to scout for the best place at a reasonable price.

My favorite hotels in Boracay are The Regency and Tonglen Resort. The most expensive hotel we ever stayed at is at the Regency Hotel, the best and expensive hotel at White Beach. It is actually the largest hotel in the area and the most famous one for its first class accommodation. Their room accommodation rates will range from Php 8,000 to Php 15,000 but the price basically varies according to the season.

They have several pools along the area with rooms so wide that you get the pleasure of enjoying your sleep and respite. You enjoy an extension water fun in your room at their huge bath tubs which my children do after an outdoor swim from the pool and the beach.

They have several restaurant areas where you can choose to eat indoor or outdoor. They also serve buffet style and an eat all you can dinner along the Boracay shore. They have extensive menus to offer from special cuisines, fruits, desserts, soup, seafood and assorted drinks at Php 600 per head.

You get to enjoy the privilege to swim at their pools of various sizes with free towels to use. They also have an area at the beach front where their guests can stay to enjoy the cool breeze of the beach as you get a tan or read book or watching beach games or simply to lie down and relax under the sun.

Tonglen Resort also provides a homey ambience with a more serene place to stay. Unlike the Regency Hotel located at the beach front and main center of the Island at Station 2 this Boracay resort is located about 2 minute walk from the beach shore at Station 3.

Tonglen Resort have a nice pool where you get more privacy. I enjoy eating breakfast at their pool area because of a warmer and peaceful ambience away from the bustling shore of the island. An overnight stay there may cost Php 2,500 and higher.

indulging the cool water of the pool

Tonglen’s pool with my swimming champs

relaxed and care free
Relaxing at Tonglen’s side pool area

Tonglen’s spacious backyard where pool is located

Tonglen offers a reasonable accommodation rate with decent facilities to give you a more restful stay in the island. The place is well maintained and their rooms are equipped with hot and cold showers, a cable television, air conditioning, soft bed with comforters and soft pillows. They have wide backyard which are lined with mango trees with huts to stay.

Although it can never be a luxurious Boracay resorts accommodation at Tonglen it does give a satisfying island experience to guests who value their privacy and want to obtain a more restful vacation away from stress and the bustling activities at the beach front.

having fun at the swing
Playing the swing at Tonglen’s backyard

bonding with my baby nica
A relaxing stay at Tonglen


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