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Enjoy Boracay Sightseeing Escapades

When you are preparing for a trip or vacation in Boracay, you are as good as preparing for unforgettable Boracay sightseeing escapades.

Boracay is not only famous for its white sand shore and warm blue water as clear as crystals but it is also known for its many places for sightseeing.

Boracay indeed is a paradise. It is divided into three little communities. Yapak in the north, Balabag in the center and Manoc-manoc in the south where hilly elevation that could be up to 100 meter above sea level can be found. Some intertwined trails connect small villages that head to tropical jungle. Boracay is rich with fascinating, breathtaking sceneries that will surely delight you.

One of the island's attractions is the Bat Cave which is a home to thousand bats that feed on fruits. It is located in the rocky northeast coast of Yapak. It is recommended that an experienced tour guide goes with you to visit the caves and see for yourself the best spots to see or view these night creatures.

The guides to the caves are mostly children of the locality who will be more than happy to help you to get to the place for a "tip". They know the way by heart and even better than the adult locals in the area.

Disturbing the daytime sleep of these nocturnal creatures is highly discouraged by environmentalists. And it is better to observe them during twilight as they fly over the white beach and the surrounding Islands in Boracay to search for something to eat.

Going to the bat cave requires extra caution because of its slippery stones. As you leave the cave, a Php 200 will be collected from you as an entrance fee imposed by the family who owns and preserve the place as a tourist attraction.

Another attraction you can find in Boracay is the Butterfly Garden. The whole family will surely love this beautifully designed Butterfly Garden. It was established in 2002 and has been opened to the public in April 2005. The Butterfly garden is situated in Bolabog beach. You can get to the place by a 7 minute walk from the White Beach through the road that runs on the north side of the BWSS.

You can also get their by a tricycle. It is open daily from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. There is an entrance fee of Php 100 for the foreign adult visitor, Php50 for the Filipino guests and Php25 for the children. This garden has different butterfly species that will make you appreciate the wonders of natures. It has a nursery section where you can observe the caterpillars and pupae. It also has a gift shop that specializes in Philippine handicrafts and a restaurants that serve short orders and your choice of hot and cold drinks.

Another must-see Boracay sightseeing escapades is the Kar-Tir Seashell Museum. This is located in Ilig-Iligan Village and features interesting seashells, woodcarvings, pottery, traditional costumes, and hand-woven articles collections from different part of the country.

Boracay also has the Dead Forest also known as Sunken Forest which is a product of ecological disturbance. This scenery of Dead Forest gives you a very romantic scene ideal for those who are fond of exploring folklores or tales about ghost. With dead tree trunks on stagnant water, local folks believe that some supernatural things happen here especially when it is full moon. You will be charged of Php 20 before you can enter the place by the family living in a hut by the gate. It is near Bolabog beach.

These are just some of the attractions to see in Boracay Island. So if you want your trip to Boracay to be something different other than a beach adventure then find time to go to different Boracay attractions and enjoy numerous Boracay sightseeing escapades.

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