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Unlimited Boracay Vacation Package Options

Boracay vacation package are selling out like hotcakes because of the summer season. Boracay is one of the Philippine's finest island to bask in the sun and get a truly exciting and relaxing beach vacation.

Foreigners and even local traveller's consider Boracay as the ideal beach vacation to experience.

Tourists from various countries have spent time, money and precious efforts to reach the sparkling white sands of Boracay Island. They know that this place offers them a haven vacation packed with outdoor water and land activities. But it is ironic to know that only about less than 50 percent of the Philippine population were able to visit the tropical island of Boracay.

Maybe Boracay Island is perceived only as a tourist destination for foreigners that hinder some Filipinos to cruise a trip for a Boracay vacation. Boracay Island is known for its sparkling waters, diving sites and innumerable outdoor activities. The white sands of Boracay are always teeming with night party, dancing and drinking spree at night.

These are the wonderful things that you can experience when visiting Boracay Island, something that many Filipinos are missing. While foreigners are dying to go to Boracay there are as many Filipinos too who are dying to have a Boracay vacation experience.

Several vacation packages are available from almost all of the resort and hotels in Boracay. These vacation packages are numerous that you can find them offered in both off peak and peak seasons. Do not perceive that a Boracay vacation can be expensive because vacation packages are highly affordable.

Hotels and resorts in Boracay always want to give their guests the satisfaction that they deserve and to spend an island vacation that is worth their money.

Boracay accommodation prices range from US$9 to US$300. If hotels and resorts in Boracay would want the best for their foreigner guests at a very affordable price the also offer the same courtesy and vacation packages to locals as well.

Boracay has over 200 resort hotels that can offer you varying accommodation prices and there is always one that best suits your budget while giving you the best comfort of a beach vacation. A beach vacation in Boracay is always worth the time and money to spend. You need not have to stay in luxurious hotels. With wide choices of promotional packages for accommodation you have several options to meet your budget preferences.

You can experience the best of nature's gift in Boracay Island from the palm tress lining the 4 Kilometer stretch of Boracay sands, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming on its crystal clear waters where you are in harmony with nature at its best.

You do not have to deprive yourself to experience being in harmony with nature at a tropical Island of Boracay at Malay Aklan. If you will come from Manila or other provinces Boracay vacation package include flight or travel packages as part of the different resorts and hotels promotions.

Some hotels have a package that includes 3 days/2 night accommodations in a honeymoon suite that comes with a daily breakfast and the free use of other resort facilities for a very affordable price.

Each hotel and resort in Boracay has their own promotional schemes to attract more guests. Other packages would include free buffet dinner, wine and some complimentary activities that you and your family will enjoy.

Some of the activities that can be included in the Boracay vacation package from various hotels and resorts include water activities such as parasailing, banana boat ride, snorkelling, island hopping, scuba diving and a lot more. Some of the packages may also include consumable drink in the hotel bar and restaurants.

Boracay hotels always have something in store for you. The choice is yours to make the best choice for the best Boracay vacation package.




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