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Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay is one of the country's most popular tourist
destinations, due to it’s pristine white beaches.

Boracay, the world-famous home of white beaches, is located approximately 311km or 193 mi. S 20 deg E of Metro Manila and about 2 kilometers off the northwest tip of Panay Island. Politically speaking, it is part of the Province of Aklan, of the Western Visayas island-group, or Region 6 of the Philippine republic. It is also under the administrative control of the Philippine Tourism Authority.

There are three barangays (or communities) in Boracay island. On the north, Barangay Yapak, is hilly and about 100 metres above sea level. Barangay Balabag, located in the lower middle section of the island, is the hub of Boracay, with its beaches and resorts. On the southern end of the island is Barangay Manoc-manoc, which is more peaceful and quiet and not as commercialized as the other two communities.

It has most often been tagged as one of the best beaches in the world, for it is an all-year round tourist spot. The peak season starts in early November and ends around May. From June until October, resort and restaurant prices are cheaper than usual and the island is at a more relaxing pace.

The whole dumbbell-shaped island covers an area of only 30 square kilometers. It is about 7.5 meters long. At its narrowest point, it measures only 1 kilometer. Though it may be small, yet it has so much to offer. It has thirty beaches and coves, all presenting sugary white sand and azure crystalline waters. The best of these is the 4 km. White Beach, hailed as the “finest beach in the world”. On its north is the small village of Din-iwid, which has a 200-meter beach. Over the next hill is the little Balinghai beach. On the north coast, there is Puka Beach, noted for shiny white Puka Shells. Caves, coves and a jungle full of fruit bats are the features of Ilig-iligan beach, on the northeastern side of the island. In January, the International Funboard Cup in Bulabog Beach, at the eastern part of the island, draws boardsailors from all over the world.

Because of all these natural treasures, there are absolutely so many things to do on this island. Tourists can go beachbumming, party hopping and shopping among the around 350 tourist establishments in the island. Sailboating, windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking are some of the activities most enjoyed.

Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the 18-hole championship course that Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Countryclub has to offer. Massage and spa are also available for those who would like some relaxation.

To get to Boracay, one can take a plane from Manila or Cebu to Kalibo or Caticlan. Several ferries also sail from Manila to Caticlan. From Kalibo or Caticlan, motor vehicles going to Caticlan jetty port are available. From the jetty port, it takes a 15 to 20 minute boat ride to get to Boracay.

English is widely spoken in Boracay, as well as Tagalog/Filipino. Other local dialects, such as Aklanon, are also predominantly spoken.



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