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Information about the Province of Bulacan Philippines

Bulacan Philippines is found at the center of Fareast Asia. It is one of the provinces in the Republic of the Philippines, located in the Central part of Luzon Region of the country, lies in north of Metro Manila, where Manila is the capital.

Bulacan has two pronounced seasons where the month of November to April goes with a dry period while the rest of the year goes with a wet period.

Bulacan History

The origin of the name of Bulakan, is derived and related into different Tagalog words such as bulak or cotton, burak or marsh mud and bulaklak or flower.

The province was separated from Manila since 1578 after it was placed under the Manila’s direct jurisdiction.

In 1571, Bulacan’s coastal region became well populated when the Spaniards arrived in the province.

Bulacan has its own pride for its magnificent historical heritage and riches. In the late 19th century, the First Constitutional Democracy in Asia considered Barasoain Church, located in Malolos City and the province’s capital, to be its historic birthplace.

The People, Culture and the Arts in Bulacan

Bulacan is also the birthplace of the Philippine’s noble heroes, great leaders, notable men and women where Gen. Gregorio del Pilar also known as the nation’s “Hero of Tirad Pass”, Marcelo H. del Pilar as “The Great Propagandist” are among them.

Aside from the notable heroes, Bulacan is also noted as the land of the Philippine’s greatest artists such as Francisco Balagtas, a prominent Filipino poet considered as the country’s version of William Shakespear, Nicanor Abelardo, a Filipino composer who composed Kundiman songs for over a hundred before the Second World War. Another is Guillermo Tolentino, one of the nation’s greatest sculptor and also the “Father of Philippine Arts”.

Bulacan in the Present

In the Philippines, Bulacan is one of the most progressive and developing provinces today. Bulakeño’s are known for being good entrepreneurs, industrious and highly educated citizens.

For its progress and development, Jewelry, Leather, Meat and Meat Products, Furniture, Pyrotechnics, Aquaculture, Garments, High-Value Crops, Sweets and Native Delicacies and Marble and Marbleized Limestone, and a wide range of native products that are high-quality, are the successful industries where Bulacan became popular.

Bulacan, also known as the “Manila’s Northern Gateway”, is proven to be a primary destination for investments with the rest of its factors such as: Essential Location; Highly Productive Human Resources; Well-Developed Infrastructure Support; Affordable Business Source; Rich Natural Resources; Effective Private Sector and Government Investment Partnership; and Pleasing Investments Incentives, Encouraging Peace and Order Situation.

Bulacan Philippines became popular as an ideal tourist destination; for being its necessary part of the Philippine history, and its remarkable legacy for its arts and culture. Its historical sites such as the old houses and churches with its nostalgic look; ecological and religious attractions, aquatics with different themed attractions, colorful and fantastic festivals, a numerous selection of wonderful native crafts and splendid delicacies are very popular within this province. There are also many different hotels, resorts, restaurants and other recreational areas that are being established continuously.

A committed government, good opportunity for business and investments and a perfect place for a vacation getaway are the traits that Bulacan Philippines can offer aside from being its peaceful and ideal community.




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