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Calamba Resort: The Choice Of Many

Year in and year out, local and foreign tourists alike choose to stay at a Calamba resort for their vacation.

Since Laguna, the province where Calamba is located, is a relatively mountainous region, these recreational facilities are quite unique because they have waterfalls and hot springs instead of the usual beach. Fortunately, the Philippines never runs out of sunshine so tanners would not be disappointed.

The Monte Vista Hot Springs and Conference Resort is one of these wonderful escapes that is only an hour drive from Metro Manila. It is big, containing 16 hot spring pools, huge water slides, and numerous entertainment and activity centers. It also has a two-storey conference hall perfect for company vacations or team building trips.

Guests could stay here for as quickly or as long as they want. There are two kinds of accommodations available, all exclusive of the entrance fee. There are the kamaligs, huts built with a sturdy local wood called sawali, which could be rented for 12-24 hours. Since its walls are tightly woven, it breathes as well as gives enough shelter. Inside are an electric fan and a picnic table.

More traditional customers or those who are planning on an extended stay could book one of the guest rooms. These are fully air-conditioned, simply furnished with a satellite TV for entertainment. The superior, deluxe, and executive rooms could fit up to two people, while the family room and the family room supreme could fit up to 6.

Those looking for activities other than swimming have these facilities to choose from: basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, game room with table tennis, video games, and neon air hockey. There is no space for boredom here.

The Makiling Highlands Resort belongs to the Monte Vista Group. It is located at the foot of Mt. Makiling, a mountain shrouded in legends and mysteries. Because of this, it has a sort of “secret rendezvous place” kind of feel perfect for a romantic weekend trip. The overall peacefulness of the resort also makes it ideal for corporate out-of-town meetings. There are several swimming pools in various sizes that could be made exclusive for a single party. Groups of friends could do whatever water sports that want without having to worry about other people.

For short visits, guests could stay at the huts situated beside the swimming pools. These are open air, furnished with a picnic table, lights, and an electric fan. Patrons who are staying longer could book one of the rooms. Styled sensibly, fully air conditioned, and equipped with the necessary amenities, these rooms are comfortable enough for a much needed nap after a long day of playing in the water.

Besides the private pools, there also are ones open to public, which are sizeable with water slides attached. Patrons could walk around this scenic resort and just take in the serenity of it all.

These two establishments are only samples of how much fun one could have at a Calamba resort, so why choose any other?




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