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A Glimpse Of Cebu Island

Located 587 KM from the main city of the Philippines in Manila is the narrow strip of Cebu Island. Stretching about 225 kilometers from north to south, Cebu Island is historically famous as the land where the Battle of Mactan transpired that mark the death of Ferdinand Magellan.

The island itself holds valuable historical accounts making it one of the famous provinces in the Philippines. The main industries in Cebu are fishing, copper mining, aquaculture, agriculture, farming, steel and cement manufacturing and shipbuilding. The island is also the main education center in the Visayas region where you can find numerous Universities.

Main Commercial Centers

One of the International airports in the Philippines is located in Cebu Island. It provides daily flights to Manila while serving various domestic and international flights daily. It also has an international port that harbors ocean-going vessels. There are several domestic and five international shipping companies in Cebu city. This makes the island a major domestic shipping gateway in the Philippines central and southern regions.

Located in Cebu Island are towering hotel and commercial complex and wide shopping malls. Being the main commercial hub of the province, Cebu City is famous for holding major international business conferences for being one of the most progressive provinces in the Philippines.

Cebu Leisure and Travel

Cebu Island has a lot to offer for leisure activities and fun adventure. It is in fact one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Cebu has many diving areas that tourists commonly visit. It's beach has pristine waters and powdery white sands that is fairly a popular destination among the Island visitors. Cebu beach resorts are also growing in numbers to accommodate more beach vacationers each year.

You can always shop and dine at different malls and restaurants that serve different cuisines and international dishes. You get to shop with the pleasure of being able to buy everything you need in just one mall venue. The SM and Ayala Center are two of the biggest shopping malls in Cebu.

There are also nine golf courses in Cebu City with several sporting activities to do. The Cebu City Sports Complex usually hosts the venue for the National Olympics and pride itself with its 10,000-seater grandstand and longest track and field oval. It also has an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The Vibrant Cebuanos in the Island

Cebuanos are what the native people of Cebu call themselves. They are generally lively individuals, fun loving, vibrant, and gregarious. They are very hospitable to visiting tourists and guests of the City with optimistic nature. They always take pride of their naturally rich heritage and culture and their personality are always a reflection of their history and culture.

The culture of Cebuanos involves the combination of foreign influences of Spanish and Chinese. The province is marked with Spanish traditions that date back from the Spanish era. Chinese also brought high influence on the trading and growth of enterprise among the Cebuanos.

Many Cebuanos also became famous in the music industry in the country that also highlights its strong tradition in performing and singing.

Many enjoyed a comfortable living in Cebu. This is because its trade and industry are very active with several commercial businesses that operate thereby strengthening the labor industry of the province. With its growing tourist industry and attractions, many are compelled to visit Cebu to experience the lifestyle and comfort of living in a progressive metropolis of the Philippines.

There is no doubt that Cebu is one among the hot spot destinations for travel and leisure in the Philippines. Its commercial districts are bustling with corporate activities while there are also parts of the region where you can obtain the best respite and vacation in Cebu Island.


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