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Charice Pempengco At Oprah Sweeping The World With Awe

The television guesting of Charice Pempengco at Oprah Winfrey Show created a tremendous impact among the Filipino community and perhaps throughout the world.

Who would have thought that a girl from a small Filipino village is a wonder girl in the making?

The fame and fortune of Charice Pempengco began when a stranger posted her jaw dropping singing video at You Tube. The producers of Oprah Winfrey Show were among the millions of You Tube followers who were able to see the fantastic performance of the child wonder.

Charice was able to steal the limelight when she was invited to showcase a magnificent performance of singing the famed song of Whitney Houston "I Have Nothing". This soul stirring rendition of song performed by Charice Pempengco undoubtedly moved the world with awe.

With such a powerful song and voice from a small girl as Charice she is indeed a wonder girl who gained fame and the respect of prestigious people in the music industry. Charice made her dream come true with a burst of fame around the world. Oprah was impressed on how Charice excelled to achieve her dream despite the hindrances of coming from a poor family.

The fame of Charice is something that she never expected before. Unraveling the dramas of her life by coming from a poor and broken family, she never stopped dreaming. She led a life that is full of inspiration that brought her to where she is laden now.

Charice has become an instant teen singing sensation after she guest from the Oprah Winfrey Show. It gave her a break to be known as an International teen singer. Oprah is more than glad to help this little girl achieve her dream beyond her wildest imagination.

Charice's powerful voice even prompted Oprah to give her a standing ovation. People from the Philippines are also proud with the guesting of Charice at the internationally famed show of Oprah. The appearance of Charice Pempengco at the show gave her a major break to be known around the world. Since then recording contracts, tv guestings and countless show offers flowed like a constant streaming waters.

This wonder child was able to close contract with Warner Brothers Records as her first U.S. debut album sometime in the first quarter of 2009. The Oprah Winfrey Show featured Charice again not just for an interview but with a full feature of her as one of the talented kids.

Oprah Winfrey admitted she is one of the million fans of Charice Pempengco. Featured in her show is tracing the roots where Charice grew, built her dreams as an aspiring singer until she found international stardom in the whole world. Committed to help people dream and achieve their dreams Oprah made the effort making it possible for Charice to talk and see albeit video patch her favorite singer Celine Dione.

Via live satellite video, Charice Pempengco and Celine Dion met. Charice was invited by Celine Dion to sing a duet with her on her New York Show. Oprah promised to cover the event as a way to follow up on Charice's singing career and for her millions of followers to see on national tv.

After Charice Pempengco's guestings at Oprah Winfrey Show she became an instant international celebrity. It gave her the biggest break of her life. Soon she was able to sing with other famous International singers. The appearance of Charice Pempengco at the show gave her talent a breakthrough for other producers to notice her sensational talents in singing. Being a famed Filipino international artist, the featuring of Charice Pempengco at Oprah gave her a studded international fame.





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