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Club Noah Isabelle Palawan - Philippines' Emblem Of Beauty And Opulence

Club Noah Isabelle Palawan is a world-class resort hotel located in the majestic island of Apulit at the town of Taytay, 215 nautical miles from Manila.

It is surrounded by a reef system measuring about half kilometer right in front of cove, 1.5 kilometers west and 2.9 kilometers to the east. Club Noah is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the stress of work, escape from the polluted city, and have a romantic weekend together with your special someone. At Club Noah, you can experience and discover real fun and excitement that you've always dream about.

1. Going to the place itself is already a unique journey, an adventure to start a journey of relaxation and adventure.

2. Club Noah Isabelle Palawan, offers a unique kind of experience for every traveler. The whole island as your home and their water cabaña as your private place, all these you can find at Club Noah. In fact you can even sleep anywhere on the island, but still it is best to take a rest after a fun-filled day on their soft bed and air conditioned rooms.

3. The resort has a total of 50 cabañas, and each of those is situated over the water, connected to land by a short walkway. Each cabaña has its own balcony for you to sit back while enjoying the hotel's lavish foods. If you are lucky, you can even spot a baby shark or other fishes under the cabaña that you really wanted to experience. There is a total of 30 cabañas that are located in the east side of the cove and west side, are all single storey huts perfect for lovers, but can accommodate up to three visitors. While the remaining 20 cabañas are duplex-style split levels, perfect for the whole family.

4. Aside from family vacation or a honeymoon, Club Noah is also perfect for business conferences or seminars. If you have a company trip and it is high probability that it requires you to conduct a meeting, you need not to worry because with Club Noah's Tropicana or Multi-Purpose Hall you can instantly have a perfect venue for that. Television, VCR, slide projector, overhead projector, white board and markers, and audio system are all available there.

Club Noah provides everything that you are expecting from a first-class resort hotel to unique facilities, sumptuous cuisines, bars, restaurants and fun activities.

1. Tropicana - This is the center of Club Noah Isabelle, and also the largest structure in the whole island. It is the main dinning area, and there you can also find the front desk, club shop, and the multi-purpose hall. At Tropicana you can experience countless feasts and listen to a soothing music played live.

2. Serena Bar - It is found beside the pier were guests meet and are briefed prior to the activities outside the island, such as fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and cave exploration.

1. El Capitan - Another great place to spend on while in the island is the El Capitan Bar. El Capitan is a pub where you can enjoy drinking beverages, play billiards, darts, board games, and even table tennis.

Club Noah Isabelle Palawan is not only known for being one of the most beautiful island resort hotels in the Philippines, it is in fact one of the well-recognized tourist spot in the country. It boasts of several different international and local awards such as the Kalakbay Award granted by the Department of Tourism of The Philippines as the Special Interest Resort of the Year, the International Gold Star for Excellence in Corporate Image and Quality by Business Initiative Directions in which the awarding took place in Madrid, Spain followed by the International Star Award For Quality in the Platinum Category held in Geneva Switzerland. Club Noah Isabelle Palawan is really an amazing resort hotel not only with its world-class facilities and services, but more importantly with the honor and prestige it had given the Philippines.


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