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Disney Cruise Ships : Experience The Magic

Dreaming of Disney Cruise ships?

Who hasn't heard of Mickey Mouse, of Peter Pan, of Pirates in the Caribbean, and the rest of other Disney characters that kids only know too well? Who doesn't know of Cinderella, of Hannah Montana or of Gabriella Montez?

Surely, we won't so soon forget these characters that are household names the world over. There are movies, books, shirts, jackets, bags as well as stationeries about all of them. People of all ages have loved them. That is the reason why you can ask any kid about a dream holiday and they'll almost always say "Disneyland." And why not? It's the happiest place on earth. It's a family friendly place and any parent who wants to make his or her children happy must have seriously considered going there if only once just for the children.

But there are those who lives that far away that the thoughts of traveling either by air or by land is enough to discourage anyone thinking of having a fun time. Fortunately, there are also the Disney Cruise ships that offer us almost similar experience that Disneyland offers in magical vacation cruise package.

Everybody wants to go on a holiday. There are those who just want to getaway from work. There are also those who want to have bonding time with the family. There are celebrations; birthdays, anniversaries and other host of special moments that families everywhere share together. What a perfect time to go on fun filled trip in a Disney Cruise ship.

The Disney Cruise ships are operated by the Walt Disney Company and are based in Celebration, Florida, USA. There are two ships that comprise the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. The Disney Magic started operating in 30 July 1998 and the Disney wonder in August of the following year. They are almost identical in design and contain activities for all age groups with special attention to toddlers, kids and teens. There are activities designed for adults as well. The only noticeable difference from other cruise vacation ships of different popular ship lines is the absence of casinos. Other than that, features and amenities are similar with what is offered by other commercial cruise lines.

There is one thing though that sets it apart from the others, the presence of the magical Disney characters which is prominently displayed in shows as well as designs and activity themes. The Disney Cruise ships even have a horn that plays the first seven notes of the Disney classic song "When You Wish Upon A Star," probably the only ship that does so, aside of course from the regular sound that a ship horn makes. Two ships will be added to the Disney fleet, one scheduled in 2011 while another is set for 2012. They are to be named Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy respectively.

Disney Cruise ships sails to the following ports of call:

* Castaway Cay - Disney's very own private island paradise which for kids and teens is the Never Never Land whereas for adults, it is the Shangri-La.

* Nassau, Bahamas - the commonwealth's capital, a wonderful island with storied past.

* St. Marten - a beautiful island ruled by both Holland and France; it's dual character providing visitors with different kind of beauty to explore.

* St. Thomas / St. John - Located in the US Virgin Islands, its warm waters awaits everyone's visit.

* Key West, Florida - the southernmost point it the Continental US, there is plenty to marvel and discover in these areas.

* Grand Cayman - who hasn't heard of the famous blue waters of the Cayman Islands. Be captivated by the beauty of the fabulous seven mile beach.

* Cozumel, Mexico - arguably one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. * St. Croix - the largest of the US Virgin Islands which was at one time a Dutch territory, find out why its beauty is known the world over.

* Tortola - the largest among the British Virgin Islands, it's another escape to paradise.

There are of course other ports of interest. But wherever that may be, you can be sure that you bring magic and excitement with the whole family when you go on a voyage with Disney Cruise ships.



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