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El Nido Palawan : The Magnificent And Enchanting Paradise

El Nido Palawan is one of the nicest place in the island Philippine. There is simple living, enormous landscape and seascapes with hospitable people.

In order to be in this paradise you'll need to ride a boat and wander the enchanting islands. The place and experience is really wonderful and magnificent.

El Nido Palawan is a showcase of Philippines' geology and biological diversity. Because of the importance of its unique ecosystem, the Philippine government made area of El Nido the first to a turtle sanctuary in 1984 then to a marine reserve park in 1991 and finally in 1998 as a resource protected area.

Once you found yourself at the borderline of the Philippines try to visit Palawan, which is once chosen as the best travel destination in the world. Try to visit El Nido and get hooked by the beautiful places that will surely give you interest in appreciating the beauty of nature. Here are the places of interest that you can visit:

* Bacuit Bay is a bay dotted with islands and islets most are inhabited. The crystal clear blue waters of Bacuit Bay are full of marine life.

* Cadlao Island is the largest island in El Nido. This island is famous because of its white sand beaches, gradually sloping sea floor, hidden lagoons, and nature trails over the lush forest cover.

* Dilumacad Island has a beautiful white sand beach that is ideal for picnic lunches during island hopping. This island is also called Helicopter Island because its limestone cliffs form that of a helicopter when it is viewed from a distance.

* El Nido Palawan Resorts are visited because of the amenities that they offer which include lagoon tours, bottom fishing, bird watching, hat making, picnic lunches, sunset cruising, kayaking, windsurfing, hobie cat sailing, snorkeling, and diving with prior arrangement.

* Miniloc Island is the place where the first resort in El Nido was established. The tranquil turquoise-green water of its orchid-lined limestone walls Big and Small Lagoons showcases a kaleidoscope of marine life.

* Lagen Island is the most luxurious exclusive resort in El Nido, Palawan. The area is situated in its cove, fringed by a lush forest and limestone walls. Its Leta-Leta Cave has a collection of stone and shell artifacts, and sophisticated pottery and nephrite adzes and axes were recovered.

* Pangalusian Island is one of the widest stretches of powdery white beach in El Nido that is very ideal for sun bathing, sunset viewing, and other beach activities. The waters in front of the beach are clustered with coral reefs that make the Island a good destination for snorkeling and diving.

* Vigan Island is referred as the "Snake Island" because of the fine natural sandpit that "snakes" off its shores.

* Cudugnon point is an important anthropological site where jewelry and pottery from Sung Dynasty were yielded. The crevices of its crave roof are inhabited by barn swallows and insectivorous bats.

* Matinloc Island is the longest slim Island in El Nido that has a secret beach, which is a pocket of white beach at the corner of a sinkhole that is inaccessible by boat and surrounded by steep rock walls.

* Pinasil Island is a cathedral-like cavern accessible by dinghy and kayak. This is one of the important sites for the busyadors or the birds' nest gatherers.

* Aberawan River is where you can watch egret's roots among the mangrove trees at the mouth of the river.

* Ille Cave is the cave where archaeologist found human and animal bones, potteries and even traces of 8,000-year old cremation.

Yes, El Nido has so many treasures to offer to the visitors. Other activities available include cliff climbing, waterfalls, kayaking, cave exploration, windsurfing, plus you can also hire a motorbike and discover the surrounding north of Palawan.

This island has the most beautiful seascapes in an archipelago called Philippines. Because of the well-gifted place it is also called the "Island of Gods" and a paradise on earth. El Nido Palawan, the perfect place to satisfy yourself with great happiness.




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