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El Nido Philippines - Top Destination For Island Hopping

El Nido Philippines is definitely a magical place, from its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sand beaches with crystal clear water.

Most of the people refer to it as a paradise. There are a huge number of beaches in this place to be discovered, so many in fact that sometimes you feel as if you are on your own secluded private beach. You can also find enchanting lagoons with tranquil green water, caves that can take you to the hidden beaches, and a diverse variety of wildlife. This place is a top destination for island hopping. Scuba diving is also a popular activity here with over thirty dive sites for varying levels and skills - from taking the plunge and learning to dive for the first time, to perfecting your expertise and advancing your qualifications.

This place is believed to be the top destination for island hopping. There are a number of places to hire boat including packages that include food and tour guides. Or if you want, you can do it yourself by walking down the beach and hiring a boat. Island hopping in El Nido is never boring, but sometimes you may hunger for something a bit different. Good thing El Nido boasts much more. Through its tourism office, you can book tours with the El Nido Tour Guides Association. They can take you to cliff climbing that gives a marvelous bird's eye view. If you prefer to hit the dirt track and make your own adventure all you have to do is to simply hire a motorbike, fill it up with gas and explore away. North of the town is a circular road taking you round both sides of the mainland.

Hence, you can share your experiences with your friends and loved ones while you are still in El Nido Philippines. Internet access is available at seventeen internet café's scattered around the town and that you are sure to be within a stone's throw of one of them anytime. After a long day under the sun scuba diving or island hopping, you may want to simply unwind. Then you are fortunate enough that this place has an array of recreation areas such as therapies including massages to make your body relaxed after your tiring day. If you are refreshed and want to catch a live band, there are many live bands performing every night at venues such as Balay Tubay, Ric Sons, Sea Slug and Artcafe. Before you leave, you might want to take a piece of El Nido with you. Well, certainly not any wildlife but souvenir items. There are two souvenir shops in town offering a local handicraft - Bhings Bizz and El Nido Souvenir Shop.

The absolute drama of the seascape of El Nido Philippines inspires trepidation and reverence of nature's beauty. Beyond the frontage, this spectacular setting is a home to wide range of flora and fauna, most of which are found nowhere else on earth. This place is among the ten priority sites in the Philippines in need of conservation.

There are lots of things to be protected in this place, it includes:

* 5 types of forests - mangrove forest, semi-deciduous forest, forest over limestone, beach forest, and lowland evergreen

* 3 major marine habitat - coral reefs, sea grass/seaweeds, and estuarine

* 16 endemic and 10 threatened species of birds

* 6 species of marine mammals

* 4 species of endangered marine turtles - hawksbill, green sea turtle, leatherback, and olive ridley

* 45 genre of hard corals

* 197 species of fish

* White sand beaches

* Limestone cliffs that go beyond hundreds of feet straight up to the sky with thousands of caves cradling swift's nests.

The untouched beauty of El Nido Philippines depends upon the state of its environment. The plants and wildlife will thrive only as long as their habitats remain favorable for them to grow and breed their young. Your visit in El Nido as an eco-friendly tourist means you are helping the local economy while helping save the environment. It also helps you, your friends and your family to be grateful for the majestic beauty of nature.




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