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Famous Filipino Inventors – Their Contributions
towards Making World a Better place

You can find a number of famous Filipino inventors throughout the history who have done major contributions with their inventions.

Given below are some of the famous Filipino inventors with their invention listed.

Eduardo San Juan

Eduardo San Juan: One of the famous Filipino inventors, who is considered as the inventor of Lunar Rover, or commonly known as Moon Buggy. Moon buggy was used by Neil Armstrong, along with other astronauts, during their journey to the moon in 1969. It is claimed that he constructed this vehicle, which could operate beyond earth’s atmosphere, using homemade materials. However, Eduardo San Juan is not considered as the inventor of moon buggy by NAST.

Edward Caro

Edward Caro: Edward Caro is a famous Filipino scientist who was recognized and awarded by the NASA in 2002 for his contributions in launching the Shuttle Explorer or Radar Topography.

Rudy Lantano Sr

Rudy Lantano Sr.: Rudy Lantano Sr., another famous Filipino inventor, won a gold medal for developing Super Bunker Formula-L in 1996. This invention, a revolutionary fuel, is composed with half of water. This fuel is known to emit pollutants 95% less than as compared to traditional fuel products. Also, this fuel burns faster than traditional fuels.

Dr. Virgilio Malang

Dr. Virgilio Malang: This famous Filipino scientist has won a number of medals of his inventions. He won a gold medal for invention of "Psidium Guajava Effervescing Gynecological Insert". He also won a silver medal for Patient Side-Turning Hospital Bed. In addition, he also won three bronze medals for his invention of ‘light refracting earpick’, broom's way of hanging and external vaginal cleanser.

Filipino scientist is known for their successful contribution to the world of inventions. With their unique ideas and ability to make the world a better place, Filipino scientists have successfully invented many devices that have made our lives easier. These are some of the famous Filipino inventors throughout the history with a little detail of their inventions.





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