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Filipino Clothing In Retrospect

Filipinos are said to be one of the friendliest people in the world.

They have these exceptional characteristics that foreign people love:

> intelligence
> talents for science and art
> retentive memory
> quick perception

Aside from these characteristics, Filipinos are said to be cheerful people, noted for their incomparable hospitality as well as courtesy. Filipinos are also famous of the close ties with its family, which is probably inherited from the Spaniards. Filipino parents work hard and sacrifice more for the sake of their children so in return, the children will give them respect, love and most of all take care of them when they reached old age.

The Filipino Pride

Filipinos have this exceptional love for their beautiful country making them passionately romantic. They are dedicated to what they do as they are vicious in a battle. Born to be artists, poets, and musicians, Filipinos are noted to be one of the most talented people as they can do everything as long as they love what they are doing. There are many talented Filipinos in the world such as Levi Celerio, Roberto de Ocampo, Maria Teresa Calderon, Allan Pineda of the Black Eye Peas and Filipino fashion designers such as Monique Lhuiller who introduce the modern Filipino clothing to the world. These Filipino talents are famous in various fields may it be in music, art or literature. Filipinos are brave and liberty loving people, which appear from their battle against the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese invaders of their precious native land. And would you believe that they have ranked as one of the bravest people in the world?

Bravery is just one of the primary weapons that Filipinos have. It's not only use in a battle but in any situations as well. For instance those Filipinos who belonged to the unprivileged families would still fight at all cost just to make both ends meet and parents who are sacrificing all just to let their children finish in school. Though Filipinos are having conflicts at times, but when someone needs their help, they unite, support and become cooperative as they value the virtue of helping other people that manifest in the bayanihan tradition meaning cooperation.

Filipinos are good achievers as well. Many of them are now known internationally. These Filipino achievers would include the Filipino fashion designers who have introduced the style of Filipino clothing in the world. Some of these famous fashion designers include Diane Monique Lhuillier, Rafe Totengco, and Mich Dulce. All of them are now competing with the other famous foreign fashion designers which Filipinos can truly be proud of.

Filipino Clothing Evolution

Basically, Filipino clothing is just one of the most significant parts of the Filipino traditions. Since the Philippines is a tropical country with just two seasons which is hot and dry from the month of November to June, and rainy from the month of July to October, the clothing trends will be like shirts and pants while jackets are added during December as it is cold. Here are the various types of the traditional Filipino clothing and accessories;

1. Abaniko
2. Baro't saya
3. Barong Tagalog
4. Bahag
5. bakya

But since being up to date especially in clothing is somehow what Filipinos love. They have embraced fashion and the tradition Filipino clothing has now become a part of the history. Unlike the other countries that still promote wearing their traditional clothes, Filipinos nowadays would dress according to the new trend. Filipinos dress for the weather. The casual attire for women are shorts and light blouses while men are collared T-shirts which are worn over slacks. In the evening skirts are commonly substituted for shorts and the T-shirts are tucked in.

The common attire for men particularly if expecting to attend any occasion which would usually need a jacket as well as tie which is not good for a hot weather, hence, a barong tagalog would be a good substitute. As defined, the barong tagalog is traditional Filipino clothing, embroidered shirt and considered as men's formal dress. It comes with a price of at least 1000 pesos but worth buying. Today, you can evidently see the change of the original pre-colonial fashion. Before, those who are privileged can only afford the latest clothing, but now almost everyone can enjoy the fashion at its peak. Since Filipinos are also invaded by Americans who also influence their way of dressing, such as the tendency to follow everything western from various lifestyles, music and fashion.


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