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Filipino Foods Unique In Taste and Flavor

Traditional Filipino foods are unique in taste and flavor and very famous all over the world. They are simple and easy to cook.

Filipino dishes are always a pleasure to eat and appreciate by all. Generally, the traditional dishes contain meat, vegetables, rice, dairy and seafood.

These recipes are rich in not only flavor but color as well. Philippines recipes are greatly influenced by European, Asian, Arab, American and Chinese cuisines. It is a mixture of variety of recipes from earlier traders, immigrants from Asia and the former colonizers.

Before Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards, the cuisines mostly consisted of seafood, vegetables, game and root crops. The cooking was limited to broiling, boiling or roasting. The traders were the ones who brought different spices and plants and so today the Filipino cuisines is a mixture of food recipes from different countries.

Filipinos, with a touch of their own traditional foods, have accepted the recipes from different countries as their own such as noodles from Chinese, the dishes of meat and rice from Spain, spaghettis form Italy and America’s fast food.

Almost every region of Philippines has their own special dish which is unique.

A simple and nutritious vegetable dish known as Pakbet is prepared in Ilocanos. In the Bicolanos you will find a special dish that is locally known by the name of Bicol express. Bicol express is spicy and hot dish prepared in coconut milk. The famous Philippines dish that is famous all over the world is pork and chicken adobo.

Philippines foods are known for their unique taste, flavor and color and enjoyed throughout the world. You can also learn to prepare Filipino foods by getting free recipes online. Recipes are available online that can help those who have the heart to learn Filipino foods.




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