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Some Of The Greatest Filipino Scientists And Their Inventions

Philippines is a country that is very rich in fascinating wonders of nature that there are several tourists who choose to have their vacation in the country not to mention the hospitality that is shown by the Filipinos for them as a tourist. There are also lots of Filipino scientists that can compete with other Americans when it comes to scientific inventions.

To give you more information about these scientists, here are the list of their names and the things that they had invented:

1. Fe del Mundo – inventor of incubator and the first Asian to have entered the prestigious Harvard University School of Medicine and is credited for her studies that led to the invention of incubator and jaundice relieving device. This scientist is an International Pediatric Association awardee and has also studied in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

2. Daniel Dingel – the inventor of the water powered car. This Filipino scientists invented a car reactor that uses electricity from a 12 volt car battery to split the ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen components, then hydrogen can then be used to power the car engine. Dingel said that there are lots of foreign car companies had expressed interest in his invention but unfortunately, the officials of the DOST or the Department of Science and Technology have dismissed Dingel’s water-powered car as a hoax.

3. Agapito Flores – this Filipino genius invented the fluorescent lamp that is the most widely used source of lighting in the entire world nowadays. Flourescent lamp got its name out of the name or Flores who was born in Bantayan Island in Cebu. Unfortunately, there are several scientists who claimed that they are the ones who invented fluorescent lamp since it is the general electric who had developed the Flores’ invention that become famous today.

4. Dr. Abelardo Aguilar – one of the Filipino scientists who discovered erythromycin in 1949 but unfortunately dies without being awarded and even recognized for his discovery. Aguilar discovered the antibiotic from the aspergillus species of fungi in 1949 and had sent samples to pharmaceutical firm that is based in India. The drug firm allegedly registered the propriety name Iloson for the drug (antibiotic) in honor of Iloilo Province, Philippines where Aguilar discovered it. The commercial distribution of the drugs began in 1952 and the drug was being sold as an alternative medication for penicillin. The generic name of this drug is erythromycin that is the very first successful macrolide antibiotic that was introduced in the United States.

5. Rudy Lantano Sr. – a Filipino inventor from the Philippine Department of Science and Technology who invented fuel products. This Filipino genius won the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO gold medal for developing Super Bunker Formula-L which is a revolutionary fuel that is half composed with water/ The mix burns faster and emits pollutants ninety five percent less than those released to the air by traditional fuel products. Lantano said that his invention is a result of blending new ingredients and additives with ordinary oil through mixing and agitation that is a very safe process. His initial plan however is to produce 2M liters of alco-diesel and another 2M liters of lan-gas and an unlimited quantity of super banker formula-L each day for consumers in Luzon.

6. Rolando dela Cruz – Filipino formula discoverer of mole remover, an ingenuous formula that can easily remove deeply grown moles or warts from the skin without leaving marks or hurting the patient. This formula was extracted from cashew nut that is very common in the Philippines.

These Filipino scientists definitely showed that Filipino people can never be left behind in terms of the ability to discover or to invent various things and medicines. Filipino people are truly talented and have a high IQ level since there are several gifted Filipinos out there who can do amazing things only that most Filipinos often let themselves be overpowered by various things such as enviousness, jealousy, and crab mentality.




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