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Globe Philippines Connects You Locally and To the World

Globe Telecoms or simply Globe is considered as one of the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Philippines provides diversified mobile, landline and even Internet services throughout the country.

It also offers nationwide coverage and is committed in "making great things possible." It continues to grow and connects people not only in the Philippines but also around the world by providing services for the Overseas Filipino Workers abroad. Globe is also the service provider of Touch Mobile.

Globe Telecom presents a lot of benefits for its mobile consumers such as:

1. A fully loaded SIM card. You can purchase prepaid SIM cards in all Globe Business Centers and retailers all over the country which includes the following benefits:

> The Globe prepaid SIM cards feature 250 phonebook capacity and 40 inbox messages that can be saved.

> Each SIM is pre-loaded with free texts so that you can send SMS to your loved ones who also use Globe or the other networks.

> Local call promos that come with a Globe SIM card such as:

i. 10 pesos for a 3-minute call. You can call up to three minutes for only ten pesos by dialing 235 plus the ten-digit Globe mobile number.

ii. The Sakto Calls where you may call for only Php 0.10 per second. This is available for Globe to Globe and Globe to TM calls. Every Sunday, Sakto Calls cost lower, Pho 0.05 per second, you can already call your friends and loved ones. But you must maintain 6.50 pesos in your account to be able to avail of this promo service.

iii. Tawag236. When you make a call in 20 minutes duration and pay only 20 pesos. Simply put, only one peso per every minute! What a great way to reach the other party. Just dial 236 followed by the ten-digit Globe or TM mobile number. But, you must retain 20 pesos in your account in order to avail of this service.

iv. The Unlicalls Nyt. You will enjoy unlimited calls from 11 in the evening to 6 in the morning for only twenty pesos. You can register by texting UNYT 20 to 2868. Globe subscribers can also call Touch Mobile subscribers with this promo. You must have a minimum balance of 7.50. So, this would mean that you must have at least 27.50 in your account when you avail of this service.

v. For those who have families abroad, there are IDD call offers that you can avail of. The 7.50 per minute calls to selected Bridge Alliance mobile operators in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea is now available. For those who have families in the United States and Canada can also call for 7.50 per minute from 10:00 PM to 5:59 AM Manila time.

vi. IDD Sakto Calls can also be availed when you make a call to the following fifteen destinations for only $0.15 per second IDD:

> Australia
> Hong Kong
> Hawaii
> Malaysia
> Canada
> China
> Saudi Arabia
> Taiwan
> United Kingdom
> Equatorial Guinea
> Kuwait
> Singapore
> United States
> South Korea
> Thailand

2. There are also local text promos that consumers can enjoy like:

> Get an unlimited daytime texting for one day for only 15 pesos and two days for only 30 pesos from eight in the morning to 4:59 in the afternoon.

> For those who are night-texters the nighttime unlimited texting is offered to you. For only 10 pesos, you can send messages to your friends from 10:00 PM to 7:59 AM.

> Other local text offers are GSULITXT, EVERYBODYTXT and TXTOTHERS 20. By registering SULITXT 15 to 2868, you can benefit from GSULITXT. For only 15 pesos, you can text 100 messages to Globe and TM subscribers. EVERYBODYTXT provides 100 texts to Globe and TM and 10 texts to other networks. TXTOTHERS 20, you will be able to send 40 text messages to other network subscribers for one day.

You should always check your maintaining balance because it requires usually a 1 peso prepaid load in order for you to enjoy continuously these services. Also, you should need to check if such promo service is applicable for roaming SIMs as well.

With these many services, surely Globe Philippines is not only the leading telecommunications in the country but certainly is dedicated in serving the Filipino people. Globe continues to connect millions of people across the globe towards commitment on building relationships through communication.


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