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Hop In The Many Islands At The Hundred Islands National Park

Known for its sparkling waters, plus islands over a hundred plus the Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan is sure to catch the attention of nature and outdoor lovers.

The name of the national park is true to its name; there are around 123 islands within the park during high tide or 124 islands when there is a low tide. The national park is located in Alaminos, Pangasinan and covers an area of 18.44 square kilometers or around 4,557 acres. And based on some estimates, the area is believed to be about two million years old. With hundreds of islands that are waiting to be visited in the national park, only three of these are open to the public and developed for the tourists.

The following are the three islands developed for tourist's use:

. Governor Island
. Quezon Island
. Children Island

Of these three islands at the Hundred Islands National Park, only the Governor's Island keeps a Guesthouse and the Guesthouse is ideal for families who are visiting the park.

The Guesthouse has 2 bedrooms and families can also expect to see a living room, dining room, a comfort room and bath and kitchen. Linens will be provided too and other amenities that can make the stay of the families fun and convenient. The Children Island on the other hand is best for travelers who are on a budget. Common areas are provided for in the island that can allow for the visitors and the tourists to enjoy their stay.

Quezon Island on the other hand will be best for those who are looking for the best outdoor fun since they can set camp here, enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic. Tourists can also discover the Lucap Point or called the mainland. This has a main building that houses the conference room and some accommodation facilities. There will be a tower-type building that is located near the Lucap House and this building houses the Information and the Business Center at the ground floor.

The Hundred Islands National Park is the country's first national park and the first in Southeast Asia. Aside from hosting the hundred islands, the national park is also home to the well-known jewels of the Philippine seas- the coral reefs. These coral reefs are some of the better known tourist draws in the park.

These coral reefs at Hundred Islands National Park shelter and feed some of the more important sea creatures that are living within the park.

These coral reefs also help the coast of the city from the impact of the strong waves. Many divers and snorkelers can find great time while discovering these coral reefs. These coral reefs may provide the tourists what they want but the sad thing is that these are now endangered.

Dynamite fishing and other irresponsible forms of fishing have affected these coral reefs, once the gems of the national park. Right now the government of Alaminos is working extra hard to restore the glory of these reefs. The city council has moved for the introduction of artificial reefs in some parts of the park where corals are few. There are a number of activities that can be done by the tourist in the area aside from swimming.

The following is a listing of some of the popular activities in the Hundred Islands National Park:

. Island Hopping
. Snorkeling
. Spelunking
. Fun fishing
. Para sailing
. Sun bathing
. Jet skiing
. Sunbathing
. Kayaking
. Diving
. Banana Boat Ride and;
. Bird Watching

The park is also known for its many caves. The Cuenco Cave and the Cathedral Cave are just two of the many caves that can be discovered in the area. The Cathedral Cave is named because when visitors will step inside this natural wonder, the visitor will get that feeling that he is stepping into an ancient and a long forgotten old cathedral. The limestone formation in the cave is worth re-checking since this is similar to the ones seen in the St. Paul Subterranean cave. Hundred Islands Philippines is also plays host to the Cuenco Cave that is nestled in the Cuenco Island. This cave is located in the middle of the island. There are lots of things to discover in Hundred Islands National Park that will surely be loved by outdoor lovers.




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