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IKobo Money Transfer Makes It Happen

If sending money to your loved ones back home is a problem, worry no more for iKobo Money Transfer makes it happen. Money-transferring services have been provided by iKobo since 2001. It guarantees that you will be able to send and receive money with ease and with no hassle at all. You can also do money transfer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using iKobo prepaid Visa card from more than million of ATMs all over the world.

It’s Flourishing Beginning

It was in 2001 when iKobo was established. It aimed to provide its customers a better, safer, and faster money transfer all over the world at a very low rate.

It got its name from a simple story of a traveling priest who passed by a village surrounded with mountains where Kobo trees grow and bear chestnuts. The trees would grow to 3 feet high only. However, there is one Kobo tree that grew so big that people would have to climb it to get chestnuts. But most have the inability to do so. And so, this traveling priest passed by and told them, “You shall be able to pick the chestnuts from next year on.” And the following year, all of the small young chestnut tree bore chestnuts that everyone has the ease to pick its fruits. They believed that the traveling priest was St. Kobo and so they had the trees named Kobo chestnut trees.

This money transfer agency provides solution that is largely superb to conventional agentdependent companies by purchasing and using the contemporary technologies and an online customer surface. It differs from all other money transfer agencies because it uses an open network of VISA bourgeois and ATMs that is more than 25 million making it more convenient for its customers to send and receive money. It is the sole money transfer agency that allows its customers to utilize credit cards, debit cards, or any bank accounts online for its customer to send a reloadable Visa Prepaid Card to its beneficiaries.

The company believes that only people with extensive knowledge and experience in business that operates in money transfer, user payments, processing transaction and securing data are the people who have the rights to run iKobo. It even emphasized the importance of every deal to its customers. This money-transferring agency is part of the M2 Global, Ltd.

Patronizing Their Services

IKobo money transfer agency has more than enough reasons that would make its customers stick with their service. First, it is not as expensive as any other money-transferring agencies. Its service is cheaper for about 50-75 percent. Second, it has the fastest service ever.

Its service is available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has the most economical, quick service by doing away with the need for paperwork. Plus, it has the largest extent and has its operation in more than 190 countries. Third, using their money transfer system is a lot easier. Customers can simply check and manage their account balances online, through the phone or the ATM network. The card that it provides the recipients can be used and accepted worldwide. Fourth, every transaction is deemed fraud-free. In short, every transaction is secured.

Now, it is time for you to think about it. Bear in mind, iKobo money transfer is safe, reliable, and convenient in sending your loved ones the money they need anytime, anywhere.


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