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The Incomparable Ilocos Sur

One of the provinces of the tropical country Philippines is Ilocos Sur. This place is subdivided into 32 municipalities and two cities – Vigan and Candon Cities. The province is considered to be a province with infinite cultural and historical heritage assembled to become a living museum that passed through each generation. The living museum of cultural and historical heritage includes a national shrine, a national landmark, museum, some ancestral houses, and houses of different era that share their own story for the history.

The Story of Ilocos Sur

The story of the place is equally similar to any other stories of history such as subjugation, utilization, maltreatment or abuse and the like. Ilocos Sur has its own story of bravery, courage and even heroism.

These days, yore of the place lives on. Vigan is one of the famous places in this province. Vigan itself is full of historical traces. Villa Fernandina is found in this place and it is founded in 1574 by the considered grandson of the Adelentado Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. This place is truly remembered through various statues are rooted elsewhere in the place in honor and as tributes to the memory of famous dead.

Some markers and writings are typical and common to the place that comes with the history. A chapel made of wood and tells something about an earthquake that transpired in 1619, a fire in 1739 and the like. In this place are the “Babaknangs” which are very old artworks with the combination of Spanish ideas.

The museum which was established on August 22, 1970 housed an ample collection of cultural wealth like paintings, sculptures and pieces of carved furniture that are centuries old. It is where guests can find keepsake of European and Chinese cultures that had a big influence in the life of Ilocanos for many years now. These have influence on different regions in the country.

Crisologo collections consist of family inheritances, old statues of saints, ivory image, Vienna furniture, marble-topped tables, old finely and carefully carved beds, Chinese porcelains that are now very hard to find, jars and small jars, lamps, some brass wares assumed to be used by the Muslims, and coins that are Spanish and Mexican.

The Syquia collections are a must to see also. It has the memorabilla of the late President Quirino, competing in the quality with the Crisologo Collections. These relics are now in Manila for safekeeping after Vigan was scarred of fire.

Significant Personalities from Ilocos

A lot of famous Filipinos come from Ilocos. Each made and had their own contribution not only to the story or history of the place but even that of the country as well.

When Quirino became the president of the country, it had its fair share to the colorful yore and to the gallery that house a lot of illustrious Filipino and natives that its people are proud of. These include Pedro Bukaneg who was known as the Father of Ilocano literature, Diego Silang, the Filipino Joan of Arc, the Father of Filipino Nationalism – Dr. Jose Burgos, the native poetess – Leona Florentino.

It is also from this place that people like Ventura de los Reyes who is the first Filipino participant to the Spanish Cortez, the Ilocano Shakespeare -Mena Crisologo, Isabelo de los Reyes who is known to be the Father of Filipino socialism and unionism. The first Bishop of the Filipino Independent Church, Msgr. Pedro Brilliantes also came from Ilocos. There are more to these that will fill your bump of knowledge with the reasons that will make you say Ilocos Sur is truly incomparable.


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