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Iloilo Philippines

The City of Iloilo is the capital city of the province of Iloilo
in the Philippines.

Iloilo Philippines is located in the heart of the Philippines, in the island of Panay.

It is classified as a highly urbanized city. It has a population of about 400,000 people. Iloilo City is one of the most accessible cities in the country. Iloilo City is only 45 minutes from Manila by plane and 18 hours by the fastest ship. From Cebu, it is only 25 minutes by plane.

Iloilo is situated in a charming repose between Iloilo and Batiano rivers forming an angle of a nose. Hence, its old name “Ilong-Ilong” which means “noselike”. It has mountain ranges that provide natural boundaries between Iloilo and Antique on the west and Capiz on the north. The rest of mainland Iloilo is largely plain with scattered upland sectors.

Iloilo Philippines is rich in historical and cultural attractions. For one, it is home of the famous Dinagyang festival which is celebrated every fourth weekend of January. In touring Iloilo, you will catch a glimpse of stately mansions, majestic centuries-old churches, unspoiled countrysides and exotic delicacies. A lot of souvenir shops offer antiques, fine clothing and embroideries, handicrafts, art pieces and a thousand and one other souvenir items.

Dinagyang is the most unusual of Ilonggo worship. Señor Santo Niño is the object dramatized offerings and prayers. It is a colourful parade in honor of the Holy Child amid the rapid beats of drums, shouts of "Viva Señor Santo Niño" and rumbling "hala bira" of tribe members.

Dinagyang has both religious and cultural activities. It promotes the Ilonggo culture and traditions for tourism. This festival is an expression of worship and thanksgiving. It instills faith and love for God and country among the people. Dinagyang showcases Iloilo's best.




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