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Amazing Islands of the Philippines

Have you ever wonder why this country has been coveted by some powerful nations? What was it in these islands that capture the interest of foreign countries? You better read this one to find out.

Location and Area

The islands of the Philippines are situated in the Southeast part of the Asian archipelago; these beautiful islands are surrounded by three bodies of water: on the east you’ll find the Pacific Ocean, the China Sea on the west and northern part, and on the southern part is the Celebes Sea. Islands that are nearest to the Philippines are Borneo which is on the southwest part and Taiwan on the northern part. You can also find the island of Palau on the east, past the Philippine Sea and on the south are the islands of Moluccas and Sulawesi. The considered national hero of the country gave the title “Pearl of the Orient Seas” to the Philippines. From this you can imagine the beauty of the Philippine Islands if it was likened to a pearl.


The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands and islets and because of this, Philippine Islands were considered one of the largest archipelagos of the world. This is divided into three larger sections – the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. There were eleven main islands and these are, Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Luzon, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Palawan, Panay and Samar. And to have a clearer view of the area there are fifteen (15) regions, which are further, divided into provinces, municipalities and barangays.


Mountains and lots of them can be found in the islands, and most of the high mountains in the area are volcanic in origin and are covered by a tropical rainforest. The Philippines is said to be lying on the volatile Pacific “Ring of Fire.” The number of volcanoes that can be found in the Philippine islands is two hundred twenty-one (221) and only 21 are active. Some of the well known active volcanoes of the Philippines are Mayon Volcano, which is one of the beautiful volcanoes in the Philippines with its perfect cone shape; Mt. Pinatubo, which attract attention when it erupted and leave thousands of people homeless and the Taal Volcano which is surrounded by water. Even though these three active volcanoes bring worry to the people, it also generates a lot of awe from tourists who have the pleasure to view it. Mt. Apo is the highest mountain which is located in Mindanao. This is perfect for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Coral reefs can also be found in the many islands in the Philippines, these colorful creations of nature attract tourist from all over the world. You can find in some of the larger islands, the three major mountain ranges: the Caraballo, Cordillera and Sierra Madre ranges. The Agusan valley, Cagayan Vvlley, Cotabato River valley and the central plain of Luzon is what comprised the four major lowlands of the country.

You can find varied flora and fauna in the rainforests which can be found in the many islands of the Philippines. A large number of bird species can only be found in this country. The flora of the islands is quite similar to those of Borneo and Sumatra but there are some distinct differences that made it uniquely owned. Tourist can feast their eyes to the wonderful and colorful scenery in these islands.

Cagayan River is the longest river in the Philippines and can be found in the northern part of Luzon. Some of the important bays are Laguna de Bay, Manila Bay, Subic Bay, Davao Gulf and Moro Gulf.

Aside from the grandiose structures in the different islands, there are still other things that can be done while visiting these various islands. Some of the main islands are tourist destinations and will offer you the rest and relaxation that you badly needed. Beach resorts, peculiar places, caves, sceneries, historic places, and sports are available. You can also try island hopping from those nearby islets and experience the thrill and adventure in camping in an island.

The Islands of the Philippines are not only offering tourists places to visit and stay but also to experience the hospitality that only a Filipino (native of the Philippines) can truly give. This is a must-see and must-visit destination.


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