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Isuzu Philippines: Your Responsible Partner

Isuzu Philippines has been in the business of providing tough and quality vehicles to its Filipino consumers for the past five decades now.

This proud legacy of answering the needs of people for tested and trusted commercial vehicles and diesel vehicles is still being carried out until this time and has contributed to the upward movement of the Philippine economy. The 1950s saw the entry of Isuzu in the country and this vehicle brand came in with quality trucks in tow. By the year 1972, Isuzu made an agreement with General Motors and helped in the creation of GM Philippines.

The merger between the two companies did not stop there as there have been a lot of changes that occurred to the company as the years passed on. Roughly two decades after the creation of GM Philippines in 1972, a new entity has been created and this was made official in 1989 with the creation of the Isuzu Motors Pilipinas. The company is fully owned by the Isuzu Motors Limited of Japan. The company ceased operations in 1995 in order to pave the way for a new joint effort involving many companies and corporations. It was in August 7, 1995 when the Isuzu Philippines Corporation was known to the world.

The new company is the product of the moves and the efforts of many companies and the list of companies involved in the creation of Isuzu Philippines Corporation include;

. Isuzu Motors Limited
. Mitsubishi Corporation
. Ayala Corporation
. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

The new entity centered its operations and production in the 13-hectare industrial land in the Laguna Technopark. This manufacturing facility of the company has the capability to produce around 15,000 units a year. The figure is just a modest assessment of what the company's productive workforce can do. To make the company work and to realize its objectives, the company is guided by its slogan, 'Your Responsible Partner'. The company in its mission and vision statements listed its three responsibilities aside from its responsibility to its stockholders that it will be profitable. Their three core responsibilities include;

. Responsibility to its customers. The company treasures customer satisfaction, and in order to make that happen the company is keen on offering only quality-made vehicles. The company also wants to continue its commitment by developing and innovating its products and by offering great customer service.

. Responsibility to employees. The company sees the value in having quality manpower and they consider this as their most valuable asset. The company strives to offer better job opportunities that can expand the opportunities of its employees.

. Responsibility to society and country. The company knows its place in the country and the society as a whole and this is the reason why it makes sure that its vehicles can be a productive addition to any Filipino household.

The company is primarily known for its engines; these are engines that can be used for industrial applications, for marine applications and for automotive applications. The company is also known for its Isuzu Crosswind, the Isuzu Crosswind and the Isuzu Global DMax. The company is also known for its many functional and reliable trucks that can be used on for commercial and industrial purposes. And this is one reason why Isuzu prides itself as one of the pillars in making the economy work. With that, the company even ventured a little farther by calling itself as 'The Nation's Workhorse'.

Just recently, the company has celebrated its 11th year of operations in the country. The feat was made more special by the kind of celebration the company has hosted. Instead of the usual glam, the company donated to the 'Save the La Mesa Watershed'- a project of the ABS-CBN Foundation. The company has committed to rehabilitating a portion of the greenery- in fact 11 hectares in all. This means one hectare for its every year of operations in the Philippines.

Isuzu Philippines donated 495,000 to the Bantay Kalikasan. It has been the motto of the company to make its celebrations every year meaningful. According to a high Isuzu official, what they are doing for the La Mesa Dam will benefit the 12 million people that directly gets its water from the area.





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