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Lani Misalucha: A Nigtingale's Musical Journey

The Asia's Nightingale was the name given to Ms. Lani Misalucha, which was declared by MTV Asia.

She is one of the most popular Filipino singers not only in the Philippines but also abroad. Although she now resides in the United States, still Lani is giving her best shot to promote Filipino music in the foreign land. She actually has her own show in Las Vegas at Flamingo where she performs with the veteran Hawaiian variety troupe - the Society of Seven or also known as SOS.

Ms. Misalucha as she was often called to perform rock, soul, jazz, operatic arias and rhythm and blues that makes her a flexible performer.

Lani Misalucha International Comparisons

> If United States are proud to have Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, the Philippines takes pride of our line of singers that includes Lani Misalucha, which has a vocal strength as well as wide voice range, which have been often compared to the international divas.

> To some, her voice is entirely unique as it has an agile voice characteristic by run and leaps along with the high upper extension similar to Barbara Streisand's voice. Her usual voice style will start as soft and thin, then it becomes thickens as it approaches the highest song peak that leaves everyone breathless.

> Lani Misalucha was also labeled as the lyric coloratura. But she never stopped exploring the world of music as she ventures its deepest sides.

In fact, she had also ventured the dramatic coloratura by singing her own rendition of Nessum Dorma originally sung by Giacommo Puccini. With this, she had earned a lot of praises and many unwanted comparisons to several Italian singers such as the sopranos and tenors.

> Aside from her unique voice, Lani Misalucha has also another talent. She possess a different flair of comedic character and can impersonate different divas such as Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Minnie Riperton, and even the modern day divas such as Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles.

> When she arrived in Las Vegas in 2004, Lani is now called as the New Siren of the Strip. As she began her music career in the States, new opportunities started to change her career. It becomes strong and she becomes even more popular.

> During the 27th Annual Best of Las Vegas of March 2008, Lani Misalucha was voted as the Best Singer - staff pick. The poll was conducted on the 8,000 respondents with the help of Las Vegas Review Journal. And because of this, she had earned the fame similar to what Ms. Celine Dion is now enjoying.

Just like any other singing sensations, Lani Misalucha started as an ordinary individual dreaming to become famous. She was really into music because she was born into a musically inclined family. Therefore, it is no wonder she has that exceptional talent.

> Father, Mr. Benjamin Bayot was an operatic tenor.

> Mom, Esperanza Dimalanta was also a professional coloratura soprano,

> Sister May, a band vocalist and acclaimed background singer

> Another sister Karly is an actress and has also a talent in playing several musical instruments such as flute and violin.

> Brothers Osi and Novi can also play piano and guitar.

So what more can you ask for? Her family can actually form a band of their own. All of the Misalucha siblings were tutored in classical vocals conducted by their own parents. But as they grow, the brothers and sisters have explored on their own in the music business. This was where they discovered their own musical horizons in the different music styles and genres and made them developed their dynamic versatility.

After finishing her Business Management degree from the University of the Philippine Christian she temporarily gave up singing as she became a loving wife to Toni Misalucha.

Lani's Musical Journey

> She won the top prize in the Gospel Music Competition at the age of 16.

> It was also a privilege for her as she sings with the Andres Bonifacio Choir Cultural Center of the Philippines at the age of 20.

> She joined various bands and became a vocalist and a back-up singer. She started her career with the group Prelude and the Law of Gravity who gave her, her first single More than I should. Aside from that, she also recorded the song Sakayan ng Jeep with Bodjie Dasig, the bandleader of the group Law of Gravity.

> Chosen to represent the county in a prestigious international singing contest and won the grand prize. The same international singing contest, which another Filipino, Jaya had won the previous year. This skyrocketed Lani's singing career that led her to an international career today.

However, a new challenge came and tested her faith. It was January 5, 2008 when she revealed that she has to undergo a surgery on an ovarian cyst, which was scheduled February of 2008. But despite of that, Lani Misalucha still appears regularly in some television shows such as ASAP and SOP to show her love for her singing career.





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