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Cagayan River- Longest River in the Philippines

The Cagayan River is the longest river in the Philippines. It is located in the northeastern part of the Luzon Island in the Cagayan Valley region.

This longest river transverses the Isabela, Quirino, Cagayan and Nueva Vizcaya provinces.

The headwater of this longest river of Philippines is at Caraballo Mountain in central Luzon which is at the height of 1,524 meters approximately. For about 505 Km, the river flows towards north to its mouth, which is near to the town of Aparri, at the Babuyan Channel. 227 km ahead the river drops rapidly to a level of only 91 meters above sea level.

The primary tributaries of this river are Ilagan, Siffu, Magat, Chico and Malling. The River of Cagayan and the tributaries have deposited sediments of Quaternary and tertiary origins namely limestone clays and sand. Magat River is its largest tributary.

During the season of monsoon the longest river, along with its tributries, are subjected to heavy flooding from May to October. This heavy flooding has cost lives of many locals and greatly affected the national and local economies in the past. For this reason government has incorporated flood warning system along the longest river to avoid great loss.

The longest river of Philippines passes through one of the few primary remaining forests. This longest river of Philippines supports the lives of endangered species namely Philippines eagle, rare riverine fish known as ludong and Luzon bleeding-heart pigeon. Due to decrease in number of ludong, a band has been imposed on catching this fish which has failed miserably.

The Cagayan River, or the longest river of Philippines, drains provide fertile area that supports variety of the crops such as bananas, tobacco, corn, rice and citrus.

The Cagayan river supports not only life but adds beauty to the nature and Philippine. This river is not only the longest river in the Philippines but also the largest as well.




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