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Nestle Philippines Serves The Needs Of Its Filipino Customers Throughout Their Lives

Nestle Philippines is one of the leading companies in the country, bringing quality products to its Filipino costumers. The company is considered as one of the largest Nestle companies in the Nestle world, and the company is proud of its role of effectively providing the best food items throughout the stages of the lives of its Filipino consumers.

Nestle: A company of proud and leading products

Based on its 2005 supplied figures, the company is host to around 3,400 workers working around the country and these workers are the ones that help make Nestle as one of the Top 10 corporations in the country. The products of the company are considered as some of the country's leading products. In fact, a short survey has revealed that its products are either Number 1 or Number 2 in their respective categories. Nestle products was first introduced in 1895 in the country, but it was in 1911 that the company- the Nestle and Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company- was established in the country.

The first sales office of the company was located in Calle Renta, Binondo in Manila. Sale branches were opened up in Zamboanga and Cebu and this move is only a testament to the fact that Nestle has gained acceptance among Filipino consumers. During World War II the company was forced to suspend its operations but right after the Liberation, the company was back on its feet and served its Filipino customers. The company came with the new name when it entered the market once again and the company assumed the 'Filipro Inc' name.

Initial product line-up of the early Filipro Inc. Some of the products that were imported by the company include the following:

. Milo
. NIDO milk powder
. NILKMAID sweetened condensed milk
. Nescafe

In the early 1950s, the company met some difficulties as the Philippine government imposed the import control bill. Since the company has fewer products to distribute and sell, the company was forced to become the distributor of many other products like patis, peanut butter, sanitary napkins and preserves so as to continue its operations. This was also the time when the company seriously thought of setting up its own manufacturing plants and in 1960, the Nestle SA and San Miguel Corporation entered into a partnership and the Nutritional Products Inc was formed.

The company started its operations in Muntinlupa and its first product was the NESCAFE. From then on, the number of manufacturing plants of the company has grown and these plants continued to produce quality products and help gave jobs to Filipino workers. In 1991, the company pioneered the food production and the distribution called the ASEAN Industrial Joint Venture which is a regional trade co-implementation program. The company also diversified in terms of product offerings.

Nestles' production facilities. As of 2005, the company has five production facilities:

. Cabuyao Factory. This factory is located in the 25-hectare land area in Cabuyao, Laguna. The facility is the ASEAN Supply Center for infant nutrition products and this facility was established in 1976. Some of the products offered by the facility include milk, nutrition beverages and food items.

. Cagayan de Oro Factory. This is the only manufacturing facility outside Luzon. The facility started its operations in 1984 and now the hub of NESCAFE production.

. Lipa Factory. This factory is one of the newer facilities in the company. The factory started its operations in 1992, in Lipa Batangas. The factory has a large area of around 29 hectares and this factory is the Nestle ASEAN Supply Center for breakfast cereals. This is also the production center for MILO and NESCAFE jars.

. Aurora Factory. This joined the production in 1996 and this factory is situated in a highly urban community and this houses the administrative and the business units and these units manage the ice cream and the chilled dairy operations. This is located in Metro Manila and occupies a small 5.25 hectares.

. Marikina Factory. This factory was acquired in 1997. This is a subsidiary of Nestle Philippines, Goya Inc. The Marikina facility occupies the 3 hectare facility and this is the factory that makes and supplies the country with chocolates and sugar confectioneries.



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