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Wildlife in the City - Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

By: Nathalie Santos – Dayo

People say that the city is a concrete jungle, filled with beautiful sights, like the view from one of the windows of the tall buildings, the maze of big malls and even the concrete trees which are called buildings are in and of themselves are attractions.

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center


The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is located in the middle of Quezon City, a bustling residential and business district. This Wildlife Park was originally more than one hundred hectares in size, but of modernization took its course and the park was resized to its less than 70 hectare span.

Its space is not all devoted to animals, there are picnic areas, a man-made lagoon, an aviary, an aquarium, the wildlife rescue center and of course the more than three thousand (3,000) trees found in the park, one hundred (100) of which is endemic to the country.


There’s a one time fee to be paid at the entrance of the park. Just pay eight pesos (Php8.00) at the cashier by the gate after which you are free to roam around the park.

of the stares and the camera lenses
Unmindful of the stares and the camera lenses

Turn right to the first path that you will see and you will be walking along the aviary.

The cages here are big enough for the birds to spread their wings and sometimes show off for the people watching them.

There are also enough barriers for the birds to eat at peace and fly around while people snap photos or pose near their “homes.”

Although one thing that we kept in mind while snapping Unmindful of the stares and the camera lenses
away was to keep the flash off so as not to disturb this beautiful bird.

sanctuary of exotic animals

Walk along the path and you will find an enclosure for the brown deer.

I found them so accommodating to me and my camera. As you can see, this one even stopped for a moment, faced the camera and posed.

It’s nice to find a sanctuary of exotic animals within the city. The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center was made to house animals rescued from other places.

This place is only a temporary shelter for these animals until they are either released to a more specialty facility or out in the wild.

man-made lagoonMan-Made Lagoon

My Favorite Spot

This is the man-made lagoon and my favorite spot in the whole park. It is a calm place to go to. The kiosks are there for people to be able to sit and enjoy a commanding view of the park.

It’s a place for families to stay in to shield themselves from the harsh sun while enjoying some home-cooked meals.

The time that we went there, we used the lagoon as a backdrop for a model fun shoot. The photos turned out to be really great and the reflection of light from the water gave us more than ample lighting to shoot our model even with cloudy skies.

Shooting the Lotus in the lagoon

Shooting the Lotus in the lagoon

Aside from being a good place for a nice Sunday picnic with family and friends, people also go here to shoot photos as well as pre-nuptials.

It’s a fun way to enjoy nature on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Going out with friends and taking photos of lovely places are two of the things that I enjoy doing so much.

Before I forget, that’s the other side of the lagoon where you can find boulders and be near the water to look at the lotuses.
Shooting the Lotus in the lagoon

The Philippines is a country blessed with natural resources and beautiful sceneries, but more than that going around the city, took me to places that I never realized were there, just around the corner.




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