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Palawan Paradise - A Haven Far From The Madding Crowd

Palawan paradise never fails to attract droves of tourists and it is probably the last unspoiled nature boundary of the Philippines.

The island of Palawan is one of the Philippine's major nature gem, harboring some of the world's most different ecosystem, geological wonders, rare species, vintage society and local customs, and most of all, immaculate and pure white sand beaches.

Palawan paradise offers superfluity of natural wonders to see, with its numerous diving sites and wildlife conservatories. Palawan is found to be the sanctuary of tourists from the urban areas' rat-maze insanity until it effortlessly able to join the consciousness and soul into one with the island's profusion of nature. Palawan is said to be the candy with a surprise at the center because of abundant inside-attractions that you can find, explore and enjoy:

* Busanga Island - the first place that you should definitely go to. Visit this place if you are looking for the best diving spots.

* El Nido Natural Marine Reserve - a Palawan paradise and one of the country's premier beach and diving destinations. The protected park of El Nido spans landmasses and seascapes that offer the tourists an alluring yet balanced visual extravagance of verdant virgin rainforests, limestones, mangroves and cerulean blue shorelines. Endangered sea cows as well as schools of marine life like manta rays and tropical fishes are found that are taking advantage of the natural sanctuary.

* Saint Paul Subterranean River National Park - beneath the towering limestone cracks and marble giants lie the world's famous 8 kilometer subterranean "underground" river that starts its course from the Sulu Sea and eventually empties out into the South China Sea. Accessible from Puerto Princesa, Palawan in an hour or so, the world heritage site boasts the fantastic stalactites, crystal-clear pools near the isolated seawater, and natural domes. Nearby, the calls of monkeys, exotic species of birds, and lizards summon tourists to take a turn through the densely forested Monkey Trail.

* Calauit Island Natural Park - it is as if a large piece of Africa has been transported to an unlikely host of islands. Calauit Island sports a pseudo-African Savannah leaping with native African beasts, such as gazelles, giraffes, impalas and zebras. The foreign wildlife peacefully coexists with the local animals like mouse deer, monitor lizards and leopard cats.

* Tubbataha Reefs - a strong contender for one of the seven wonders of nature. The reef system is the country's largest marine reserve, at around 33 hectares of it that is situated in the Sulu Sea. The reefs are spilling over with manta rays, reef sharks, overabundance of tropical fish and giant sea turtles all making homes in submerged coral atolls and coral formations. It is also a diving destination of international prestige, as recreational divers and serious marine biologists all over the world go here to study its spectacular beauty.

* Tabon Caves - caves that host marvelous archeological riches. It is in these series of 200 or more caves that the 20,000-year-old fossils of the Tabon Man, the primeval inhabitants of the island were found. The ruins come along with equally old artifacts and livelihood implements. It is precisely for these reasons that Palawan is hailed as the cradle of the Philippine civilization.

Actually, one of Palawan's advantages is the distance it has with the other islands surrounding it. It consequently remains largely unaffected by the hustle and bustle and haze of the busy local shipping industry.

Having previewed its natural wonders, Palawan is indeed a jewel among the Philippine islands. Before the damaging effects of human activity are evident, let yourself enjoy the unspoiled gem of nature that is Palawan.

Palawan paradise is truly blessed with abundant sights and sounds to fill your senses. It is the perfect place to go if you are in dire need of fun, relaxation and discovery since this place has so many wonderful things to see, and for you to experience its amazing beauty.




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