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Palawan Philippine Visit - An Unforgettable Journey To Nature's Treasures

Palawan Philippine Paradise

Looking for an Asian tour? Wanting to discover exotic nature wonders? Haven't heard of the "unspoiled gem of nature"? Well, it is time for you to discover the enchanting beauty of nature of Palawan Philippine.

Palawan is said to be the last ecological frontier of the Philippines. The natural attractiveness of Palawan is an appealing sight that magnetizes thousands of tourists that visit annually. Because of the flourishing tourism industry in Palawan, hotels and restaurants are blooming businesses here where Palawan tour packages are available at reasonable price.

Most Palawan Philippine trips include packages inclusive of more than a few activities such as:

* Mountain trekking
* Cliff climbing
* Diving
* Kayaking
* Subterranean Underground River tour

Palawan Island is rich with ecological attractions where many kinds of fauna and flora are seen. You may choose to start your Palawan tours from the southern or northern part of the island.

* Northward Palawan tour - destination that will give you unlimited choices of activities to do. Coron Palawan is the right place to go if you are craving for wreck diving. It is said that many Japanese shipwrecks during the World War II sunk in this northern coast of Coron, Palawan.

Several tourists and wreck divers prefer their Palawan tour directed on the northern part of Palawan Island because of the rich and abundant coral reefs and wildlife here. The different and colorful marine life is loveable underwater sights and many photographers take advantage of the natural beauty of Palawan, Philippines' marine life.

* Southern Part Palawan Tour - will show you many ecological sites. Trekking through cliffs and mountain peaks will give you an absolutely stunning view of the beach and the southern coasts of Palawan. The ecological part is considered to be a sanctuary to rare species such as the mouse deer, the famous Palawan peacock pheasant and cockatoos.

Also a good place to visit is the conservation park.

Moreover, The Subterranean River National Park is one of the most scenic spots visited by sightseers with their Palawan tour, is a ride to a "banca" or boat through an underground river. The serene river water of the Saint Paul Subterranean Underground River is cool and relaxing. Set up yourself as you begin your banca ride into the underground river to the breathtaking sites of the stalactites and stalagmites that are formed naturally inside the cave.

It is very interesting to note for a traveler that the spectacular karsts limestone in the Saint Paul area and El Nido area that Palawan is somewhat famous for different origin and age. The limestone in the Saint Paul National Park east of Ulugan bay where the famous underground river is based are relatively young. Based on its fossil content, it's assigned an Oligocene-Miocene age, approximately thirty to fifteen million years old. Younger limestone formed largely as reef structures on the bit of continental crust that drifted south from China during the opening of the South China Sea.

These limestones are the same as those that host most of the oil and gas that is being extracted offshore in the South China Sea. But on the other hand, the limestones in the El Nido area are largely Permian in age. These kinds of stones are the equivalent of the karst limestone found in Vietnam and China. The rocks in central Palawan and northern Palawan are young granite bodies in the age of Miocene or approximately thirteen to fifteen years old.

Furthermore, as one of the top tourist destinations in the country, Palawan always makes sure that the tourists and guests within the area are well accommodated and taken care of. Throughout the years, the place has seen the development of elegant and high-class hotels that promise a safe, convenient, and comfortable stay. So what are you waiting for? Have an Asian tour and discover and get educated by the exquisiteness of a pure and unspoiled jewel of nature spotted at Palawan Philippine.




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