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Relax in Peace in Palawan Philippines

If you happen to be in the Philippines’ capital city, Manila, you will feel the presence of modernization and industrialization.

Why? It’s because everywhere you turn your head, you would see high-rising buildings that reach to the sky, gigantic shopping malls, posh restaurants, five-star hotels, ritzy establishments and offices, the presence of people in business or party suits who are talking obliviously to their high-tech cell phones, and the presence of stranded motorists in the streets because of traffic jam. Yes, you are right in what you are thinking. Like any developing country, Philippines is working her way to economic and social progress. As a result, life in the city becomes busy and somewhat dizzy. So, the people find a way to relax miles away from the the island paradise of Palawan Philippines.


Palawan is a 65-minute air trip from the country’s capital to the capital of Palawan, which is Puerto Princesa. A popular air carrier for your Manila-Palawan destination is the Philippine Airlines (PAL). Alternatively, you can travel by water, which is a 1200-minute trip. Measuring more than 400 kilometers and 40 kilometers in island length and width respectively, Palawan is guarded by major water areas in the North, South, East and West by Mindoro Island, Borneo, Sulu Sea and China Sea, respectively. Furthermore, the island is blessed within the boundaries with a long and rich mountain range and fertile forest lands.

Island Highlights

As a result of having such geographical profile, the island of Palawan boasts of a dozen wonders to behold. The lovely corals and lively marine ecosystem circling Palawan is an exhilarating view for the divers and swimmers of the clear and beautiful beaches, the ancient caves provide thrill for the spelunkers, the mystical mountains are great for the hikers, and the lush forests will soothe the tired spirit of the nature lover. In addition, Palawan is home to more than 200 unique and endemic animals like the mousedeer, the bear cat and the ant eater. Hence, boredom is unknown in Palawan because of the many things that you can do here and the many places that you can explore here:

Calauit Island will remind you of African savannah. Many animals from Africa roam here freely. Also, you will find animals here which you can see only in Palawan. However, these animals are for your eyes only and not for hunting games because Calauit Island had been long declared as a Wildlife Conservation Area.

Hence, Calauit Island is like a government-protected zoo.

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is a research and breeding institute for crocodiles that are now facing extinction. In fact, there is a “healing center” for ill and injured crocs here. In addition, the site features a small zoo of animals unique to the island. Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is located in Palawan’s capital, Puerto Princesa.

Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a declared UNESCO heritage site. The main highlight of this park is the natural and beautiful limestone architecture in the cave that can be explored through the deep underground river, which is said to be having the longest stretch in the world. This same river runs to the South China Sea. Aboard a row boat, you can behold the lovely though dark wonders inside the cave in the Subterranean River National Park in Puerto Princesa. More significantly, this place contains terrestrial and water ecosystem and rainforests which are among the most important in the Asian continent.

Tubbattaha Reefs is another declared UNESCO heritage site because it is a protected haven for the rich marine life in the province. Trips to this place require good planning and a bit of sympathy for the rather long journey. By boat from Puerto Princesa, you can reach the destination for more than 10 hours. Frequented by swimmers and divers, Tubbattaha Reefs boasts of exotic but endangered sea creatures like the manta ray, tortoise and clownfish. Also, aside from being a marine sanctuary, this place is at the same time an avian sanctuary. Several species of birds, both endemic and not, choose this place as a breeding site or a stopover from migration.

El Nido will surely keep you coming back. This popular tourist destination is a picturesque island retirement, a perfect getaway from the hustles and bustles of the city. Furthermore, El Nido provides habitat for a myriad of animals—aquatic or terrestrial because of the presence of fertile forest lands, active marine ecosystem and mangroves. This place is definitely blessed not only with the prized biodiversity but with beautiful white beaches for your dipping.

These are just some of the wonders that await you in Palawan Philippines. The others are for you to find out…through your own, personal exploration of the island. Thus, if you want a delightful mixture of tranquility, surprise and adventure, Palawan is perfect for you.

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