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Philippine Articles

Here's some Philippine Articles, more will be added soon.

Boracay is Home to the Finest Selection of Hotels
Worldwide, Boracay has made a name for itself as one of the best. Filipinos flock to the island throughout the year and foreigners throughout the globe who had discovered the island has made it a home. Boracay Island hotels offer top destination for tourists, providing accommodations that suit everyone’s budget, from backpackers to those seeking a luxurious five star hotel stay in one of the world’s best beaches.

Relax in Peace in Palawan
Palawan is an exhilarating view for the divers and swimmers of the clear and beautiful beaches, the ancient caves provide thrill for the spelunkers, the mystical mountains are great for the hikers, and the lush forests will soothe the tired spirit of the nature lover. In addition, Palawan is home to more than 200 unique and endemic animals like the mousedeer, the bear cat and the anteater.

The Sunset City of Manila, Philippines
People who have traveled to Manila, Philippines will fondly remember the wonders of the capital. Located in the eastern coast of Luzon island, Manila catches such a lovely bay which serves as the viewpoint for beautiful sunsets. Manila is the home of over ten million Filipinos. As a major hub of South East Asia, it is regarded as part of the roster of global cities of the world.

Christmas Cuisine in the Philippines by: Thomas Wenge
The Philippines, the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, has it's own, not necessarily European influenced, loved Christmas traditions.As early as October the Filipinos are starting to ask and crave for these Christmas specialties such as Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.

Filipina Dating::: A Wedding in the Philippines by: Marc Madi
Centuries old Wedding traditions and wonderful Philippine customs make Filipina Weddings (Kasalan) some of the most beautiful wondrous celebrations on earth.


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