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Philippine Radio Station: Offering More Than News And Music The Filipinos

When it comes to news, information, music and entertainment, Philippine radio station are among the best sources. In the Philippines, a radio station is as important as having the radio in every household. It is where Filipinos get a grasp of the latest news in the locality especially when there is no television. Way back, the transistor radio is used by a lot of locals in order to know the newest incidents around – from headlines and most important news of the day down to the weather reports and traffic updates. And when we say radio stations, we are talking of both the AM and FM bands.

The AM radio stations were the first broadcasting stations which were developed. When you say AM, it means amplitude modulation or the style of broadcasting the radio waves through altering the carrier signal’s amplitude in answer to the signal’s amplitude that is to be transmitted. It is common in Philippine radio stations because of its simple signal which can be spotted using simple equipment. A power source is no longer needed when there is a strong signal. It also uses narrow bandwidth compared to FM.

On the other hand, FM refers to frequency modulation. It generally happens on VHF airwaves at a frequency range from 88 to 108 MHz. Like in western countries, FM radio stations in the Philippines are much more popular particularly because greater stereo broadcasting and sound fidelity happened to frequent in this configuration. FM stations are commonly associated with music.

Certainly, the desire to listen to important information and preferred music is found in many of us. Whatever we are doing and wherever we may be working, we need to listen to a certain radio station to listen to our favorite radio hosts or choice disc jockeys. Talking about music, it is known that there are individuals who can give more focus on their work while they are listening to their favorite music. Aside from that, it also refreshes your mind from the stress of daily hustle and bustle. We may have cassette players where we can play our favorite songs, then came the period of CDs and DVDs. Nonetheless, among the media presented, radio is still a great way to listen to music. It is the oldest and the highly popular medium and now, its fame is still increasing.

Some of the Philippine radio stations in Metro Manila are the following:

AM stations

* DZXL RMN 558

* DZBB Super Radyo 594

* DZMM Radyo Patrol 630

* DZRH Nationwide

* 702 DZAS

* DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738

* DWWW 774

* DZRJ Radyo Bandido 810

* Veritas 846

* DWIZ 882 Todong Lakas!

* DZSR Sports Radio 918

* DZEM 954

* Rock 990

* DZAR Sonshine Radio 1026

* DZEC Radyo ng Pamilya

* DWAD 1098 Radyo Ngayon

* DWDD 1134 Arm Forces Radio

* MMDA Traffic Radio 1206

* DWBL 1242 Serbisyo Publiko

* DZRM 1278 Radyo Magasin

* DWXI 1314

* DZQX Mabuhay Radio 1350

* DWSS 1494

* DZME 1530 Radyo Uno

* DZHH 1566

* DZUP 1602 Radio Circle

* DWGI 1638, and

* DZBF Radyo Marikina 1674

FM Stations

* Jam 88.3

* Wave 89.1

* Magic 89.9

* 90.7 Love Radio

* 91.5 Energy FM

* 92.3 xFM

* Monster Radio RX 93.1

* 93.9 iFM

* Mellow 947

* DWDM 95.5

* 96.3 WRock

* 97.1 Barangay LS

* Home Radio 97.9

* DZMC 98.3

* 98.7 The Master’s Touch

* 99.5 RT

* RJ 100

* 101.1 Yes FM

* 101.9 For Life

* 102.7 Star FM

* 103.5 Max FM

* 104. 3 Business Radio

* 105.1 Crossover

* RJ Underground Radio 105.9

* Lips 106

* 106.7 Dream FM

* NU 107, and

* 107.9 U Radio

Philippine radio stations are popular due to their affability and the variety of programs aired. There are informative ones while others are entertaining. Tune in on any of them depending on your taste.





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