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Philippine Voip Company

The VoIP phone technology company in the Philippines

Philippine Voip company. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the revolutionary technology which reinvented the traditional phone system potentials.

Voice over IP system works by converting analog audio signals into digital signals so that the digital data are transmitted through the internet. The primary advantage of VoIP phone is that it turns the standard internet in a way where phone calls are free, unlimited or at a very low cost. In addition, many added services are offered by VoIP phone systems that makes it more appealing to the communication needs of the Filipino people.

Through VoIP phone services, the cost of digital calls is reduced or can be offered for free. It is because the system is run through the internet where communication costs are low. Thus, VoIP helps improve personal, business or network relations.

In some ways, VoIP system works like the popular call features of Yahoo and MSN. However, these applications have the disadvantages of crackling sound, echoing and choppy lines which usually occurs. These problems are corrected in the VoIP system.

Basically, the Philippines is a primary choice of the outsourcing countries in almost every line of work. Because of this, VoIP phone system is found to be greatly advantageous for Filipinos with friends and relatives working abroad. The fast growing popularity of VoIP system attracted many companies to the business of VoIP phone service providing.

VoIP services can be categorized into residential or business type. The common VoIP phone companies and features are as follow:

The Ezezcall Company. This VoIP service provider offers great savings to international and long distance calls anywhere in the world.

The Ezezcall services complement the existing local phone system; therefore there is no requirement to change the phone number. The use of the internet connection saves you up to 90% in the call cost comparative to the standard landlines. Plus, Ezezcall also offers high quality of voice transfer which even exceeded the quality of local phone lines. In addition to these, there are a range of affordable monthly package plans to choose from. Ezezcall also does not tie the subscriber into the yearly contract. Plus, the company assures no hidden fees in the bucket.

Sky Internet VoIP. This VoIP service company also offers a very low international and long distance rates. For up to 85%, you can cut your monthly phone bill without compromising the quality of service. Additionally, Sky Internet features Caller ID, Conference or Three-way Calling, Call Waiting options, Speed Calling and Call Forwarding. The dialing procedures are clearly presented to both the Sky Internet VoIP website and in the installation guide. With the Sky Internet VoIP, communication process is not only made through PC to PC but PC to the traditional phones as well. This VoIP phone company provides extra line which you can use to place and receive calls in other parts of the house or office.

Sky Internet offers irresistible features. It has a very minimal rate for international long distance calls, unlimited calls to local areas, and affordable domestic rates. Added features on call manipulation are similar to that offered by Ezezcall.

TAKALAM. This VoIP phone company offers the Freedom 200 Calling Plan where the subscriber is provided with the following free advanced features:

For 200 minutes, the subscriber can call anywhere in United States and Canada. And for the extra calls, the subscriber will be charged the minimum eight cents per minute rate. TAKALAM also offers Call Waiting, Call Return, Caller ID Privacy, Anonymous Call Back, Busy number Redial, Speed Dials, Three way Calling, E911 Dialing, Voice Mail and online management of your bills and accounts.

For the business category, EACOMM Corporation provides technological solutions to meet the needs of the client in the regime of the new millennium. EACOMM Corporation has the power to deliver the Information Technology in a fast, accurate and economical manner. This Philippine VoIP company upholds the right of the small enterprises to compete in the world market at an economical access.

Voice over Internet Protocol is the solution to the communication needs of the Philippines. Although the traditional landlines are popularly used, VoIP will help many Filipinos to an affordable access to Information Age.



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