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Philippine War: How The Islands Finally Found Freedom

This article will tackle the Philippine war against the Americans, sometimes dubbed as the Philippine-American War.

At first, the Philippines saw its relationship with the US as two different nations joining together towards one general struggle - to fight against the Spaniards. As partners, the Philippines gave the forces of the U.S. with helpful military and intelligence support. Nonetheless, the Americans later on distanced themselves away from the Filipino revolutionaries' interests.

The move of the U.S to not document a statement of support towards the independence of the Philippines made General Aguinaldo despondent. The initially good relationship of this two nations went down, thus heightened the tension. It turned out that the U.S. forces intended to stay in the Philippines. To know the chronological occurrence regarding the Philippine war against the Americans, a timeline is provided below.


* May 1 The first encounter occurred. Admiral George Dewey tore down the Spaniards' fleet, thus the Battle of Manila Bay. 19 From his Hong Kong exile, Aguinaldo returned to the Philippines. * June 12 The Philippine Declaration of Independence was signed by Gen. Aguinaldo and became the first Philippine president 15 Anti-imperialist league was created to struggle the Americans. 20-21 The U.S. took over Guam from the Spaniards, thus the Battle of Guam. * July 3 Battle of Santiago de Cuba 4 Wake island was possessed by U.S. 16 U.S. took over Santiago de Cuba 25 Puerto Rico was taken over from Spain by U.S. 25 The battle of Manila

* August 12 A settlement ended the Spanish-American War 14 10,000 U.S. troops were sent to occupy the Philippines

* September 15 Philippine assembly approved Malolos Constitution, launching Philippines in an independent status

* October 1 The Paris Peace conference begun 24 McKinley decided to educate, uplift and Christianize the Filipinos 28 McKinley lined told the Paris delegation - either the archipelago or nothing

* December 10 The Treaty of Paris was signed

1899 * January 23 Aguinaldo as the First Philippine Republic president

* February 4 The Philippine-American War begun 5 The biggest Philippine-American War took place 6 The U.S. Senate voted to approve the Treaty of Paris

* March 31 Malolos was captured by U.S. forces

* April 9-10 Battle of Santa Cruz 11 Battle of Pagsanjan 12 Battle of Paete 23 Battle of Quingua

* June 5 Filipino General Antonio Luna was slain 13 Battle of Zapote Bridge

* November 11 Battle of San Jacinto

* December 2 Battle of Tirad Pass 19 Battle of Paye


* April 15 Siege of Catubig, Samar

* May General MacArthur, Jr. replaced General Otis as the military governor and William Howard Taft as civil governor

* June MacArthur.Jr. announced ninety days amnesty and offered PHP30 each rifle. 3 Battle of Macahambus in Mindanao

* September 13 Battle of Pulang Lupa 17 Battle of Mabitac

* November 2 McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan in the U.S. presidential election


* March 23 U.S. General Fred Funston ordered capture of Aguinaldo Lonoy Massacre in Bohol, killing more than 400 natives

* May 27 First ruling of the Supreme Court about Insular cases

* September 28 Balangiga (Samar) Massacre

* December 7 Genral Bell begun concentration camp procedure in Batangas

1902 * January 31 Lodge committee begun

* February 17 Filipino General Lukban was captured in Samar

* March 2 Court Martial of U.S.Marine Major Littleton begun

* April Filipino General Malvar surrendered in Luzon

* May Court Martial of U.S. General Smith

* June 28 Lodge Committee adjourned

* July 4 U.S. President Roosevelt declared end of the war


Guerilla war continued * December 23 Taft negotiated with Pope Leo XIII


Dolores (Samar) Massacre


* March 5-7 First Battle of Bud Dajo

1907-1912 Guerilla war still carried on

In 1913, the United States of America promised to give the independence to the Philippines and in the same year, the physically fought Philippine war.





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