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Philippine Art and Culture

The Philippine culture is a colourful and lively culture that distinguishes Filipinos from its Asian neighbors. This include traditions, language, and arts which are found in museums, churches, galleries, and within the heart of each and every Filipino. One word that best describes Philippine culture is diversity.

This diverse culture is due to the fact that the Philippines has been accessed through migrations and trade not only by its neighboring countries, but also by countries from all over the world. These countries have left their cultural influences on the Filipino people who in turn have passed these influences from generation to generation.

The Filipino Cultural Traits

* Close Family Ties: Filipinos tend to uphold close family ties. For Filipinos, the family is the center of the social structure. Most Filipinos live close to their family for most of their lives, even when they are independent adults.

* Bayanihan: the helping attitude of Filipinos whenever one is in need. Often, the Bayanihan spirit in action can be seen when a car gets a flat tire. The bystanders or passers-by would assist the driver to get the car back on the road.

* Pakikisama: Pakikisama, or harmony, in English, involves getting along with others to maintain a harmonious relationship.

* Utang na Loob: This means Debt of Gratitude. It is owed by one to a person who has helped him through the whatever trials or adversities one has gone through. This if further reinforced by the local saying: 'Ang hindi lumilingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa kanyang paroroonan', which means, 'One who doesn't look back to where he has started, will not reach his destination'.

* Sense of Humour: The Filipino's sense of humour is evident in their optimistic approach to life. They have the ability to laugh at themselves and their predicament, embarassing it may be. This helps them to cope with life and helps them to survive.

* Resourcefulness: Filipinos are resourceful, inventive, creative, and fast learners. They are ingenious and often improvise and make innovative use of whatever is available. These qualities have been repeatedly demonstrated in their capacity to adapt to change, demonstrated in Filipinos thriving and prospering in any part of the world.

* Hard Working: Filipinos are regarded as excellent workers who perform well, be it physical labor or sophisticated and technical types of work. This natural tendency for hard work, is driven by the desire for economic security and improvement for oneself.



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