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Philippines Flag- Representing the Country

Philippines Flag is a horizontal rectangular-shaped flag with two equal bands of colors i.e. red and blue and an equilateral triangle, of white color, at the hoist side.

In the middle of the triangle you see a golden yellow sun that has eight primary rays, with each containing three individual rays. At the corner of the triangle you will find a five pointed yellow golden star. In the time of peace, Philippines flag is displayed with blue band at the top while during the times of war red band is displayed at the top. This feature of its makes it a unique flag. The width of flag to its length has an aspect ratio of 1:2.

In 1897, Emilio Aguinaldo, a Revolution General, gave the concept of Philippines Flag. The Philippines national hero Jose Rizal's niece Dona Delfina Herbosa de Natividad, Marcela Agoncillo and her daughter Lorenza sewed the first national flag of Philippines. In 1920, this design was legally accepted as the official design of national flag of Philippines.

The white part in the Philippines flag shows fraternity and equality. The blue, also indicated by the state, significes peace, justice and truth while red indicates patriotism and valor. The eight primary rays of the yellow golden sun signify the eight provinces that wanted independence from Spain and so were placed under the martial law by Spaniards in 1896; start of Philippine Revolution. The pointed stars at the corners represent three major islands of the country: Mindanao, Luzon and Visayas. To make sure that same shade of red and blue color was used in the flag designing, a specific color usage was adopted in 1998.

The official design of Philippines Flag has a long history that led to its development through times. The design of Philippines Flag is unique with representation of state of the country i.e. at war or peace.




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