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The Philippines motorcycle As An Important Mode Of Transport In The Philippines

A check with the industry will suggest that the country has a strong affinity with the Philippines motorcycle.

Philippines alongside Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are considered as the five countries in Asia that has the highest motorcycle ownership. This speaks a lot about the Philippines and these Asian countries. The popular motorcycles in these countries are single-tack and two-wheeled motor vehicles and these are powered by the engines. These are used for many tasks and some tasks are the following:

. Long distance travel

. Racing

. Cruising

. Off-road conditions

. Navigating urban traffic

These motors are considered as the least expensive forms of transportation and this is perhaps the main reason why these modes of transportation are popular in emerging economies like the Philippines.

Increasing sales of motor cycle units in the Philippines

The results about the standing of the motorcycle in the Philippines were based on the joint study that was conducted by the CAI-Asia and the Asian Development Bank or the ADB. Based on the same study, it was learned that in Malaysia, there are around 300 million motorcycles and this data was for 2008. This was an increase from 275 million from the 2005 figures. It is expected that the estimated number of motorcycles in the country will rise to 390 million by the year 2005. In Indonesia, the number of motorcycles is pegged at 125 million and this was a great increase from just 80 million in 2005.

The same study predicted that the number of Philippines motorcycle in this Asian country will rise to 200 million by 2025. In the Philippines, analysts are saying that there is a rapid growth in motorcycle ownership. And according to studies and experts the rapid growth of motorcycle ownership in the Philippines is directly related to the deterioration of public transportation. It is not only thru these studies that people can realize that there is a great demand for motorcycles in the Philippines.

Yamaha Motor, one of the major players in the country said that the market is indeed growing in the Philippines. The company cited that the growth for motorcycle demand in the country is backed by the stable domestic economy. On its part, Yamaha Motor in the Philippines has reported domestic demand that grew 13 percent on the year-to-year to 700,000 units in 2007. In the same report that was submitted by Yamaha, the current rate of ownership in the country is pegged at one unit for every 40 people and it is expected that this will grow in the coming years. Anticipating that there is a great demand for this mode of transportation, major players in the Philippine market are making its move in order to satisfy the growing demand. Yamaha Motor is one company that has responded to the market needs.

In 2008, the company has announced that it will start the construction of their 960 million pesos motorcycle factory which is located at Lima Industrial Park in Batangas. This project by the Yamaha Motor is actually a follow up to the Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc's 550 million pesos interim factory at the Laguna Techno Park which was inaugurated last 2008. This was their assembly area for the bikes with the engine displacements of 105 cc and the ones with 135 cc. based on the company statement, their new plant is expected to start operations in January 2009 and the plant will have an initial production capacity of 150,000 motorcycles yearly. It was estimated that the sales of motorcycle in the country likely hit 700,000 and this was an improvement from the sales of 549,000 in 2007. It was expected that the sales of the motorcycle in the country will hit 1.2 million by 2012.

The list of popular Philippines motorcycle manufacturers in the country include:

. Honda Philippines

. Yamaha Philippines

. Kawasaki Motors

. Suzuki Philippines

. MCX Motors Philippines

. Eastworld Industrial Sales

Honda Philippines is the current market leader in the industry and Yamaha Motors Philippines is a new entrant in the motorcycle industry.

Yamaha is considered as the fourth-best selling motorcycle brand in the Philippines and has sold around 11,371 units as of end-April 2007.

Philippines motorcycle demand will continue to grow. Philippines and the other Asian countries need the services of this kind of motor vehicle.




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