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Philippines People And Some Of The Familiar Characteristics

The Filipinos are commonly known for their hospitality and generosity because they are very good in welcoming guests especially the ones that comes from other countries. Philippines people are fond of giving special treatment to people that is worth to be given the like but you also have to be careful enough not to upset a Filipino because aside from being hospitable and generous they are also known to be brave base from the facts from its history. There are several traits which makes a Filipino more identified but not all are positive, there are some that is negative:

1. Philippines People Hospitality

Filipinos are known to be hospitable in a way that they are a good guest entertainer and that they are fond of giving special treatment to their guests especially during occasions like fiesta, wedding, christening and more. They also fond of preparing for a warm welcome for a member of the family that is arriving from abroad whether they are with someone or not.

2. Crab Mentality

This is one of the negative traits of a Filipino that is known to almost every country in the world. Whenever a Filipino achieves success, it is expectable that the other Filipino will envy him or her and do the entire possible thing that they can just to ruin the success of their fellow Filipino.

3. Talented

Filipinos are also known being talented in almost every field, like in boxing wherein the pride of the country is the Philippines’ people champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquio, in billiard Efren “Bata” Reyes and more. Filipinos also known being an artistic individual because of the traits that are seen in the tribe that reside in most provinces in the country – they are fond of painting that are seen in their own bodies as a tattoo and some are good in making garments.

4. Rumor Makers

Filipinos are also known as gossip or rumor makers to the point that they can damage the credibility of others. For instance, they saw two people entering a hotel, then there are several stories that will come out such as the two make love at the hotel, the two have a secret relationship and so on and so forth. In a nutshell, Filipino people are fond of concluding to the things that are seen by their eyes without proving the facts that they are saying.

On the other hand, Philippines people beliefs are very strong in spite of the their negative traits, in fact there are old maids who are so cruel but very religious and devote themselves to god by servicing the community like having a foundation that helps unfortunate street children or the elderly who has no more homes to shelter. Philippine people fiesta also originates from the spiritual beliefs of the Filipinos since fiesta means to honor their patron saints.

There are several Philippines people talents who are very popular throughout the world; in fact there are several Filipinos who belong to the international world of models such as Wilma Doesnt, Melanie Marquez and more. Plus the fact that there are several Filipinos who excel in almost any field whether it is a game or behind the lime light. Philippine people social life is indeed exciting and electrifying since Filipinos can afford to mingle with almost everyone. One of the positive traits of Filipinos is being an approachable person who is ever ready to listen and understand others even if they are not that familiar of other languages.

Hence, Philippines people culture has changed a lot that the Filipina nowadays are not already the popular Filipina in the past centuries that are very shy and timid. There are Filipinas in today’s generation who are liberated even if it is against the beliefs of their ancestors. Filipinos are also known to be prim and proper people that are very strict when it comes to their morality.

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