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Philippines Presidents - An Overview

There are a total of fourteen Philippines presidents that have ruled the country.

An overview of the Philippines Presidents is given below:

EMILIO AGUINALDO: He was the first Philippine President for the Philippine Republic. He ruled from 1898 till 1901. He was the first Philippines leader who fought against the Spain. He also fought for Philippines Independence against the United States.

MANUEL QUEZON: He ruled Philippines commonwealth for the first time, which was established under United States in 1935, from 1935 till 1944. He was the statesman and the leader of independent movement.

SERGIO OSMEÑA: He was the ruler of commonwealth of Philippines. He ruled from 1944 till 1946 and was also the founder of Nationalist Party.

JOSE LAUREL: He became the president of Philippines during World War II with the occupation of Japanese.

MANUEL ROXAS: He ruled from 1946 till 1948. He was the first president of Independent Republic of Philippines.

ELPIDIO QUIRINO: he was political leader and second president of the independent republic of Philippines who ruled from 1948 till 1953.

RAMON MAGSAYSAY: He was a successful leader who was an idol of masses and a true champion of democracy. He ruled from 1953 till 1957.

CARLOS GARCIA: known for his famous austerity program and policy, this leader ruled from 1957 till 1961. Strong ties were maintained with US and non-communist Asian countries during his era.

DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL: He ruled from 1961 till 1965. He was a diplomat, politician, economist, lawyer, poet and intellectual.

FERDINAND MARCOS: He was a politician and lawyer and ruled under martial law from 1981 till 1986.

CORAZON AQUINO: She was the first president women of Philippines who ruled the country from 1986 till 1992.

FIDEL RAMOS: He was the president of Philippines from 1992 till 1998. His administration focused on a program whose aim was to uplift Philippines as an industrialized country.

JOSEPH ESTRADA: He was a director and film actor who became the president in 1998 till 2001. He resigned after impeachment trial.

GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO: The daughter of late Diosdado Macapagal and second woman president of Philippines, she became the president in 2001. At present, she is the most recent in the run of Philippines Presidents.




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