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Philippines Riddles – Easy but Unique!

You can find a number of books on Philippines riddles. Just as every country has their own riddles Philippines have their own unique riddles.

Philippines riddles are available over the internet as well as many books have been published. There are different categories of Philippines riddles such as Bugtong riddles and Tagalog riddles. I have gathered some Tagalog riddles for you, with answers, which are given below:


1. It is tall when it is sitting down and short when it is standing.

2. The queen imprisons herself after making a temple/castle.

3. The monkey screamed when I pulled away the vine.

4. Neither human nor animal but wears freshly ironed clothes.

5. It cries without any eyes and walks without feet.

6. Five siblings who are always connected.

7. A beautiful princess with hundred of eyes.

8. What is it: not a king or a priest but arrayed in variety of garments.

9. My red chicken went on an errand in the morning but came back at night.

10. It is trunk with no fruit. It has leaf but not any stem.

11. Bought it at an expensive price but just hung it.

12. Each leaf is shed away as time passes.

13. Although it is here but still you can't see it.

Answers to the above Philippines riddles are in descending order:

1. Dog

2. termite

3. Bell

4. closet

5. clothesline

6. Fingers

7. Pineapple

8. Ball pen

9. Sun

10. Earrings

11. Ladle

12. Calendar

13. Wind/air

Philippines riddles are unique as well as popular. You will find thousands of Philippines riddles over the internet easily. All you have to search around for Philippine riddles. You will be amazed to find out how many are available on the internet. Alternatively, you can also visit a nearby book store and buy a book on it.





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