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Philippines tourism as the country's comparative advantage

Philippines tourism can be considered as the country's comparative advantage and this is the reason why the government puts great effort in promoting the tourism industry.

The country is archipelagic and located in the Pacific Ocean and this is one reason why the tourism is a hit in the country.

The Philippines has been blessed with beautiful natural resources made more appealing by its unique culture which in turn was influenced by many foreign cultures. Spain, Latin America and the United States have all contributed in its little ways to help make the Filipino culture what it is right now.

The tourism in the country is booming thanks to its natural resources scattered in all parts of the country and also to its unique Filipino identity. The tourism in the Philippines began stepping up in the 1970s and this lasted until the mid 1980s. After that time, tourist arrivals in the country started to slow down. An indicator that the country's tourism business is on the move down is on the average stay each of the tourist in the country. By 1988, the average stay of a tourist in the country is 8.9 days. This figure is significantly lower than the registered 12.6 days in previous years. But this scenario for the country didn't last since by 1990s, the sector once again peaked with around 1.2 million tourist arrivals for 1992. This jolt in the arrival of tourist in the country has gave the Department of Tourism a more positive outlook and allowed for the Department to say that they expect more tourist arrivals in the future.

By the year 2000, the tourist arrivals in the Philippines totaled 2.2 million and this was pushed to 2,838,000 by 2003. The Philippine archipelago is known for many sights, sounds and festivals and these are some of the reasons why the tourism industry in the country is a hit.

From Metropolitan Manila to as far as the Northern provinces to the southern provinces of the country, there will always be a tourist spot that travelers and tourists will love.

. Metropolitan Manila. Intramuros in Manila and Makati City are known tourist draws. The Intramuros in Manila is called the 'walled city of Manila'. This was built in the 1500s and originally the whole of Manila was confined within the areas of the walled city. But since the city has been growing exponentially, a number of buildings have been built outside the city. Right now, Intramuros is being visited due to its museums, churches and the old fort. Manila on the other hand is known for its vibrant night life. A nightlife and party scene that can rival those found in other Asian capitals. Other than Manila, Boracay and Cebu are also considered as party hotspots in the country. Makati is simply Manila in a modern way. Most modern amenities can be seen here- from shopping malls to major hotels and business centers.

. Aklan. This is one province in the Visayas region and considered as one of the most visited provinces in the country. Aklan is known for its 'Ati-Atihan Festival that is hosted in Kalibo.

. Bohol. This province in the Visayas region is known for its 'Chocolate Hills'. These are limestone hills that look like 'chocolate hills from afar. The province is also home to one of the smallest primates in the world called the Philippine Tarsier.

. Northern Philippines. The Northern Philippines is known too for its many tourist spots. One popular destination is Mt Pinatubo known for its massive eruption that happened in 1991. The Hundred Islands is another site worth checking. The Banaue Rice Terraces are known for its beauty too- rice terraces that are carved from the mountainside. This is a UNESCO world heritage site. A visit to the northern provinces of the country will not be complete without checking the 'Hanging Coffins' of Sagada.

. Taal Volcano in Laguna is worth checking too, and this is considered as one of the smallest volcano in the world.

. Palawan. This is a province and an island located in the South China Sea and known for its beaches.

. Boracay. And speaking of beaches, Boracay is one spot worth visiting.

There are a number of great tourist spots in the country and since the country is archipelagic in nature, some of the adventure that can be experienced by the tourists will be mostly water-based. Philippine tourism activities and festivals are often concentrated on some of the best surfing and diving sites in the country.





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