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Piton Philippines offers choices

One of the strongest suit of the Philippine economy is the outsourcing industry, the name Piton Philippines comes to mind when there’s talk about the outsourcing industry.

The outsourcing industry where the Piton Philippines is a player is considered as one 'sunshine sector' in the country. In fact others are saying that the outsourcing industry in the country is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. Consultancy firm McKinsey & Company made a study on the outsourcing industry and it learned that the industry in the country can reach up to $180 billion in 2010. And the bigger portion of the industry will be focused on customer contact services, finance services, accounting services and human resources.

The offshore call centers in the country are considered as the leader and the ones that actually lead the BPO boom in the Philippines. The revenues generated from these contact centers have generated for the country around $2.1 billion in 2006. This figure posted by the industry positioned the country as the third country on the list of best-earning centers for outsourcing. India and China leads the list, and the Philippines barely squeaked past Malaysia on the said list. Though the country ranked third on the list, the figures posted by the country is still up 62 percent. If the 2006 data and figures are to be evaluated, around 120 BPO centers are operational in the country and these contact centers employed around 200,000 people. These figures are expected to grow and by 2012, the sector is expected to bring in US$11 billion and expected to employ 900,000 people.

Majority of the contact centers in the country are located in major cities like;

. Metro Manila
. Cebu City
. Bacolod City
. Baguio City
. Cagayan de Oro
. Clark
. Dagupan City
. Lipa City
. Davao City
. Dumaguete City
. Iloilo City
. Legazpi City, which is now being promoted and developed for offshore operations

Hundreds of BPO companies are present in the Philippines and one provider in the sector is Piton Philippines. This company is a new one since this was founded in 2001. The company was established in order to assist many small, medium and large companies in order to migrate a great deal of business processes offshore. The services offered by Piton are envisioned as well to help these companies achieved better efficiency and by helping these companies improve their services and lower their costs. Some of Piton's services include customer services support. Inbound telemarketing and sales, pre-defined and customized interactive voice services, better market research and even appointment setting.

Other offshore services of the company in the Philippines include;

. Service to customers no matter what the time and day
. Help desk services
. Technical support
. Trouble shooting
. Maintenance support
. Order taking and status
. Address location
. Market surveys for customers
. Ticket sales
. Fund raising
. Insurance claims processing

These are just some of the services that can be offered by Piton Philippines, and for sure the company can adapt to the needs and the wants of their customers and clients. As with other BPOs who set up offices in the country, the company has its offshore inbound and offshore outbound services. The company's offshore inbound call center services are expected to analyze and to evaluate the functionality, the information architecture, the navigations and the design of the project. The expertise of the offshore outbound call center centers on the setting up of complex test environments. This segment also offers maintenance and quality assurance improvement.

Piton targets the Philippines for a number of reasons. The list of great reasons includes the following;

. Close affinity to the United States. The country is a former protectorate of the US and culture of the country has been partly influenced by the US culture.

. English proficiency of the working population. English is the language used in schools and in many business and government dealings.
. The availability of highly educated and skilled workforce.

. A customer service mind-set

. Low cost offshore destination. The country offers some of the world's lowest rates when it comes to labor services.

And for the last six years, Piton Philippines has assisted many companies from many fields like technology, insurance, healthcare, retail, financial services and a few more.




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