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Filipino Recipes

Welcome to our Filipino Recipes page. It contains well-known and well-loved recipes of the Filipino people.

Throughout the years, Filipino cuisine has been constantly evolving. Chinese, Malay, Spanish, European and American explorers and settlers have all contributed to the lively cooking of the region. One of the most dominant influences came from the Spaniards. This is due to the fact that the Philippines was under Spain for more than three centuries. Another, dominant influence is that of the Chinese and other neighbouring South-East Asian countries.

The recipes we have compiled here were gathered from friends, cookbooks and family sources. Adjustments have been made to some of the recipes according to the preference of the people who shared with us the recipes

If you would like to contribute a favourite Filipino recipe, you are welcome to do so. As a token of our appreciation for your contribution, we will send you an ebook of Filipino Recipes when compilation is completed. Just click on this link to contribute a recipe.

We hope you enjoy our recipes. Happy cooking!


Pork Adobo






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